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QB Ryan Tannehill


What's the status? How you feeling there, Ryan? Did it come close to knocking you out for the rest of the game?

It doesn't feel great. You had to go through there at the end. It comes with the territory, right? I'm going to be out there if I can at all, if at all possible. I'm going to do everything I can this week to get it right.

Walking boot just to kind of take some pressure off of it for now?

Yeah, just to give it a little time to heal up, take some pressure off while getting out of the stadium, getting home and all that type of stuff.

Mike Vrabel compliments you on (being tough). Where does that toughness come from?

I don't know, probably a little bit the way I was raised and some of it is just the way I am, you know? Life is hard, right? Life is hard. Football is hard at times. It's all about how you respond. You're going to go through tough things physically, emotionally, mentally, and as people, we're going to grow from those experiences if we allow ourselves to. So, this is just another bump in the road. Another thing I can grow from. So, just work through it and try to be better for it.

What happened, Ryan? Did it get under you?

I kind of got rolled up from the back. It was through the pass and was there in the pocket and somebody fell into me from the back and kind of got my knee.

This team showed some toughness to win this game today?

Yeah, no doubt. We showed toughness all year and I'm proud of our guys and the way we battled today. Defense played great all game, had some huge stops for us. Offense did enough and got the job done there at the end. We were able to move the ball, get points in crucial situations on our next-to-last drive and the last drive there, able to get a couple of first downs and run out the clock.

You guys have struggled in the second half so far this year. How did you feel about today's second half performance offensively?

Yeah, I mean, obviously we didn't light up the scoreboard but we did what we needed to do to go get the win. We were able to score points there, like I said, on our next-to-last drive and to make it a two-score game when we needed to. And then, like I said, move the ball enough to get a couple of first downs and finish the game.

You've been asked about (Austin) Hooper on a weekly basis. How good was it to see him get involved today?

Yeah, it was great. I've said it all along, the ball is going to find him. The guy is doing a good job for us. He's consistent, he works in practice, I have a great connection with him, so it's just a matter of time. And today he made two huge plays. The first one in tight coverage, before that, back it up, on third down I had a throw, a short to him. He was able to break a tackle, make a guy miss and get it converted into a huge third down for us. Then I was able to hit him on a crossing route there a little bit later. He made a great adjustment to the ball. I didn't see it, I got hit, but from where I threw it, I knew he was going to have to adjust to it. So, he was able to make that play. Then on the final scoring drive, a huge catch kind of off schedule on getting contact and hanging with it and making the play. So, happy to see him get going.

Ryan, you jumped up quick. You seemed like you were trying to walk it off. Were you frustrated when you had to go back down?

Yeah, I want to get up if I can. And when I got up, I realized I was going to need a little bit of time, more than 10 seconds to get back in the huddle and get ready for the next one. So, yeah, frustrating to have to go back down in that moment, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to play on the next snap effectively. So, I had to go back down and reset.

You kind of touched on the (Austin) Hooper catch at the end. Did you see a replay of it? And pretty crazy how he was able to kind of keep concentration and catch that ball?

Yeah, it was a great catch. Yeah, like I said, off schedule. I saw the replay whenever they were reviewing it. I took contact in the back, off balance, ball kind of got bobbled around and I think he pinned it against his forearm or something there on the outside. So, just a heck of a catch by him, hanging with it through the contact and making a play.

How tough was the mobility for you on that play? I think that came after the injury, too.

Yeah, it definitely didn't feel great. The O-line did a good job protecting me there. I kind of came down on the right side a little bit. I was able to move off schedule. They did a good job of covering our initial play and offense kept working for me through the middle of the field there and made the play.

Did (Mike) Vrabel say anything to you, Ryan? He was talking to us a lot about your toughness, the team's toughness in general. Did he single you out or talk to you about that?

He's given me affirmations, saying that he's proud of me and appreciates me for being tough and all that type of stuff. So, you know, I definitely appreciate that. 

Four straight wins after an 0-2 start. What do you attribute that streak to and that turnaround right now?

We're a tough team. We're going to keep battling and find a way to win. At the end of the day, that's what we're trying to accomplish each and every week, is going out and finding a way to win. Our team is going to battle and find a way to do that.

How good of a feeling was it when you guys were kind of icing the game, especially the late run by Derrick (Henry) where you got pushed and went about 10 yards with it?

Yeah, it was awesome. I told those guys in the huddle it was going to be all about our finish right now. You've got to want it more than they want it. To start the drive off that way, they kind of started by a couple of yards. Derrick (Henry) kind of got stood up and then the offensive line kind of came behind him and was able to surge for five, six, seven extra yards there. So really just a cool play. Obviously energized the sideline, got everyone juiced. And then in the next set, we were going to have to get another first down. So, was just trying to channel that energy into continuing that drive and getting another first down.

On the one fumble there, what happened in that exchange there between you and Malik?

Yeah, Malik (Willis) and I weren't clean. Tough deal there. We'll get it cleaned up.

Beyond the toughness, Ryan, the boys today, the game was really decided by mistakes. Your counterpart made some and you really minimized yours. How much pride do you take in a game like this that's of attrition. You guys fought through the injuries and didn't make the mistakes beyond that one.

Yeah, we preach it all the time. Just being able to handle the adversity, keep fighting, keep swinging, and take care of the ball and get the ball is one of our team keys we talk about every week. So, defense did that. They got the ball for us, got two picks, and offensively we did except for the exchange issue, and we did a solid job of taking care of it.

Ryan, you talk about the two picks, one of those went the distance, how much does that energize the team and the offense?

Oh, no doubt. Anytime the defense scores or makes any type of big play, whether it's a sack, a strip sack, an interception and anytime they score, it only elevates that energy boost that it gives the team and the sideline. So, huge play especially as they're getting down that field goal range there on that drive. So, at least the 10-point swing there.

Does a hard-fought win like this mean a little bit more to you guys in the locker room and it means you've swept a big division rival like that?

I try to enjoy each and every win, but no doubt. Beating a division opponent at home in front of our fans is something that we're going to try to do each and every time. And when you have to battle for and earn it and it goes down to the end like that, it definitely tastes a little sweeter.

What goes on in that blue medical tent when you go in there? And, as part of it, do you have to convince them you're OK?

They do a little evaluation and a little tape job and just trying to get right. I had a feeling when I came off, I was able to kind of walk off. I knew it wasn't good, but I knew I was going to be able to battle through it. So, it's just about going in there, getting evaluated and getting yourself mentally, physically ready to go out and keep at 'em.

Will you be able to sleep through the night tonight or you have to get up and ice along the way?

Yeah, we'll figure that out in a couple hours, but yeah, it's going to be a long week of doing everything I can to get this thing right.

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