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QB Ryan Tannehill


(on how big it was to have wide receiver A.J. Brown back)

Yeah, It's great. Obviously, we love having A.J. (Brown) out there. He's a playmaker, so if we can get him out there, we're going to be thankful for it and he's going to make plays. So glad to have him back out there today.

(on the offense converting third downs and how critical it was to do that)

Yeah, it was huge. I think it's big every week, right? Just being able to sustain those drives, getting the third downs and being able to convert, keep those drives going and get a chance to sustain that drive and put points on the board. So, proud of our guys. Felt like we came up with a good plan and then executed it well in those third downs.

(on the importance of staying in the fight to win a game)

Yeah, no doubt. It's a tough league, right? Nothing is going to come easy. So, got to stay out there, battle, stay together. If something doesn't go your way or things aren't going your way, it doesn't really matter. You've got to stay the course and keep pushing forward.

(on having wide receiver Marcus Johnson back from injury)

It was great to have Marcus (Johnson) out there. A guy—like you mentioned—was big for us during training camp. I built a lot of chemistry with him. I had some sideline adjustments, and we were able to go out and execute on the field. Made a big play over the middle, which was huge for us getting a drive going on an explosive. So great to have Marcus (Johnson) back out there for sure.

(on Marcus Johnson being ready to go as soon as he was able to be)

It's huge. Whenever you have guys that you've built up reps with that have been away and then they're able to step right in and pick up where they left off, it's huge and gives us more depth and guys that we can create matchups for and get open.

(on running back Derrick Henry producing yet another good performance and if the team simply expects that from him now)

Yeah, Derrick (Henry) does a great job pretty much every week. You look at what he's done over the course of his career, especially the last three years. He's big, he's physical, he's tough, he runs hard and he's durable. So, it's fun to be able to play with him for sure.

(on tackle Taylor Lewan saying in years past the Jaguars would give up but today they didn't and continued to fight and if he noticed that too)

I don't know. It's tough to sit here and compare to years past, but definitely have respect for the way they played. They came out and played us hard, played us tough, and they weren't giving up anything easy for sure.

(on Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing getting into a groove of good playcalling)

Yeah, I feel like Todd (Downing) has done a really good job so far this year. I think that sometimes as players we haven't executed well, especially down in the red zone, and that's on us. But Todd (Downing)'s done a good job of putting drives together, getting us marching down the field and giving us opportunities. In my opinion, he's done a great job.

(on the team suffering extensive injuries at this point in the season yet having a 3-2 record and if there is pride to be had in that)

Yeah, no doubt, we've overcome a lot. I think it's football, right? So, guys are going to get banged up, but we've had some stretches where we've had a lot of guys banged up. And anytime that happens it really tests your depth of your team, and guys have stepped in. We've had guys—Corey Levin stepped in today and played a bunch of snaps for us up front when Rodger (Saffold) went down. So, just having that plug-and-play mentality that no matter who is out there, we have to rise to the occasion and make something happen. It's been a pillar of this program and hopefully we can carry it forward.

(on the energy brought to the team when numerous players are able to contribute to a successful drive)

Well, that—it includes everybody, right? When you get multiple people touching the ball, everyone feels like they're involved and you're sustaining that drive, so you're building momentum as you move down the field and getting everyone excited. So, there were some really fun points today where you could feel the momentum building within the huddle and we were able to sustain those drives and get points.

(on if Derrick Henry lost a bet with him over the Alabama-Texas A&M game yesterday)

He lost a bet. I should have made it (him) wearing an (Texas) A&M jersey into here. But I don't think he'll be wearing that.

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