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(On what was said at halftime after being down 24-9…) Nothing major was said. We knew what it was going to take, just had to go out and execute. Offensively, we were moving the ball great, we just didn't finish how we needed to finish in the red zone. That's got to get better obviously. Defense was playing good, gave up a couple big plays, but other than that, they were stopping them. There was no panic, there was no worry. We knew we were in this game. We were getting the ball coming out of the half. Offensively we knew we needed to come out and make plays and go put points on the board. We were able to do that and right when we did that, obviously we were right back in the game.

(On what was clicking with Julio Jones today…) He made some huge plays. The big one, I don't know if that was the first one or not, I saw something on the sideline, made the adjustment, told him about it and it paid off. He got open down the field and he was running and I was able to hit him there. Couple of big plays, the one that got called back was a huge play and it was a play that we expected to be completed later going further across the field. I was getting hit so I got the ball out early there and he was able to make the adjustment and go up. Obviously a blade of grass away from a touchdown there. Couple big third down catches. One early on an in cut and I threw the ball high. It was pretty covered but threw the ball where he could go up and get it. He attacked the football and came down with it. Once I saw him make that play, I felt like he was going and it would be a good day for him.

(On if Julio making a contested catch early in the game helps build their connection…) Yeah, no doubt. Obviously when you see a guy make a play like that where it's tight coverage, it's not a big window, it's a trust throw really and you're having to go up and get it, when you make that trust throw and your guy makes a play, it definitely builds that trust. You get in that situation again and you feel strongly about giving him a chance with the ball. He made some huge plays for us today and took a big step forward for our offense.

(On if they feel like they started playing more towards their standard today…) Yeah we're headed in that direction. The first half isn't what we expect. Like I said, we moved the ball but didn't finish in the red zone. That's been a calling card for us. We need to be able to finish those drives, especially when you play good teams like Seattle, it can come back to haunt you. Got to get that cleaned up. I was proud of our guys, we battled. We were pushing piles, we were running the football. Derrick [Henry] was running extremely hard. You feel it on the field, the synergy of our offense kind of coming together and playing to our identity. There's a lot to get better, but as far as coming together as a unit, making plays, trusting each other and playing to our identity, I feel like it was a good step in the right direction today.

(On Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing and the offensive calling taking a step forward…) Yeah, no doubt. The whole team, Todd included, I think we all took a step in the right direction. I thought Todd called a really good game. We had some big adjustments on the sideline that paid off. Communication was great. The players were talking, talking to Todd. He's great to work with and making those adjustments and they paid off for us. Definitely a step in the right direction, we just need to build on it.

(On if he said anything to A.J. Brown after he struggled today…) I told him that I'm going to keep throwing to him. I have a lot of faith in A.J. and I told him I'm going to keep coming to him. I did that. I kept throwing his way and if I feel like he has an advantage on a guy, I'm going to let it rip like I always trust him. This is a guy who misses a couple plays there or something like that, I'm not going to cancel him out. I have a ton of faith in A.J., he's made huge plays for us, he made big plays today. There's some plays that he wants back, but there's some plays that everybody wants back. There's plays that I want back, there's plays that Derrick [Henry] wants back, the [offensive] line wants back. It's an imperfect game. There's a lot of things that we need to get corrected, but I have a lot of faith in A.J. that he'll bounce back.

(On recovering on the sideline after causing three turnovers in the first two games…) It was fine. Not a lot I can do on that one. I got hit in the back of the head. I was coming off of A.J. [Brown] and was about to flip it to Derrick [Henry]. It sucks but I'm not going to go into the tank over something that I can't control and even if I could, you have to turn the page. If you get hung up on any one play, whether it's good or bad in the game, it's going to hold you back the rest of the game. Whether it's a touchdown drive and you're coming off the field happy or a turnover and everyone's pissed off, you have to be able to reset on the sidelines and go out and get ready for the next drive.

(On if there's a good time to have a roughing the passer call like today late in the game…) I don't think there's ever a good time to be roughed, but when it moves the chains and I'm not injured, I'm not against it. It's just part of playing by the rules and knowing the rules. We talk about it on our team and we know it's important. There were a couple today that helped us out.

(On being reunited with Randy Bullock and seeing his game-winning kick go through…) Total confidence. It's good to have another Aggie around. I have a lot of familiarity with Randy, I held for him for four years in college. When he trotted out there, I had total confidence that he was going to make that kick.

(On learning before the game that Taylor Lewan wouldn't play and how Ty Sambrailo did in his place…) It's a game of adversity. Usually the adversity happens within the confines of the clock, but today it started in pregame. Not the news I was looking for as I was getting ready to go warm up, but I walked over to Ty and said hey, same thing like last year. No warning, you just have to go in and play your game. Play fast and aggressive and push piles. A lot of confidence in him, I feel like he came in and did that. I'm proud of him. And then [Aaron] Brewer comes in when Rodger [Saffold] goes down. Rodger tried to come back in and battled but he ended up coming out again so Brewer comes in, a guy that I have a lot of confidence in. He's a competitor and obviously did a good job for us.

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