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QB Ryan Tannehill


(on the defensive performance today)

It was huge. It was fun to watch those guys fly around and make plays, dominating the run game, stopping the run and attacking the football in the pass game and being aggressive, go getting it. When they're flying around like that making plays, it's a lot of fun.

(on having wide receiver Julio Jones back from injury)

Yeah, it was nice to get Julio (Jones) back, made some good plays for us early, one of the plays I'm thinking of is the out cut to the left, ran a really great route, was able to get the ball to him and kind of got us going on that drive. Thankful to get him back and hope to build up as we stack some games together.

(on if he feels today's win was a confidence boost after losing the previous two games)

Yeah, no doubt. I think we've kind of got back to our brand of football a little bit. Defense did a great job of making plays on the ball, and obviously shutout, they did everything good. Offensively we did some good things. Obviously have some things to clean up, but excited to get a win and get rolling in that right direction.

(on what stood out about the drives after turnovers where the offense couldn't capitalize)

Yeah, I think late in the game we're basically in four-minute offense and basically the whole fourth quarter we were in four-minute. They're playing basically cover zero, putting everybody in the box and we're just trying to run and eat up the clock and hopefully get a first first down. When defense is getting turnovers you want to be able to get advantage of it and score, but kind of played the situation a little bit there, as well.

(on if using the tight end position more today was by design or more based on the looks from Jacksonville)

I think a little bit of both. Obviously we had some opportunities that were drawn up for the tight ends and got them the ball, and then there was a couple plays where they were just the guys open and made some plays. Thankful to get those guys going.

(on earning an early lead and if that helped make the team feel comfortable)

Well, defense was playing great. Felt really good about where we were at. Obviously wanted to score and wanted to extend that lead and get going a little bit more. I had a couple opportunities down in the red zone or high red, extended red, kicked field goals or attempted field goals. Want to be able to put those drives in the end zone. But excited for some steps that we took today and obviously hats off to the defense and the way they played.

(on if he feels more comfortable running for touchdowns now than he did earlier in his career or if he just has more opportunities to do that)

I don't know. I've always liked to use my legs and try to keep the defense honest. Sometimes the coverage is good and protection is good, and that allows you to get outside the pocket. Sometimes you just feel a lane. Early drop-back, I think a third down early on, defense did a great job -- I mean offensive line did a great job and kind of split the defense, gave me a crease, I was able to get vertical and get a first down there. It's always there, and hopefully we can continue to use it when we get those opportunities.

(on Head Coach Mike Vrabel saying he appreciates his toughness but that he'd like to see the offensive line protect better)

I think it all works together. It's not just the O-line, whether receivers or myself. It all works together, and collectively we have to do a better job of being able to get open, get out, and protect me as well.

(on if he thinks opposing defenses have to play the Titans differently when wide receiver Julio Jones is on the field)

You'd have to ask the Jaguars, but I think so. I think if you don't respect him, you don't account for him, then he's going to hurt you. Obviously had some plays that got us going today, and like I said, hope to build on it as we move forward.

(on today's win)

Yeah, we took care of the ball today which I think was a big step in the right direction considering how a couple weeks before that had went. We'll have to keep doing that and then clean up where we have things to clean up, take advantage of some opportunities in the pass game, scoring when we get drives going, finishing with points every drive, and then, yeah, the defense can keep playing like that, we'll be in good shape.

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