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QB Ryan Tannehill


The most important thing is to finally get out with a win. What's the overall feeling? You still don't feel like you played the best football yet, but you're 2-2?
"We feel great. To come on the road against a good team, division opponent that plays us hard every time we play them, it feels great. It feels good to celebrate in the locker room with guys building some momentum here. Want to keep the foot on the gas."

What has enabled you guys to have maybe so much success against them? What is it about the way you guys kind of prepare for division games against a team you know is kind of similar?
"Yeah, we know they're going to play us tough each and every time we play them. It's a physical team. It's a fast defense. Like you said, they're built a lot like us. They're a well-coached team. You know you're going to have to come in and play a four-quarter game every time you come in here. Today we were able to find our way and come out with the win."

On the play to seal the win, what was going through your mind when you get the play call?
"Yeah, I loved it. I loved the play call. I knew they'd be all packed in there obviously. We were able to get a first down, and it was going to seal the game. So excited to hear that play call come in, and Chig (Okonkwo) did a great job of getting his depth, making himself available, and then getting down, staying inbounds, and ending the game."

How good was it to get Robert Woods a touchdown?
"Yeah, it was huge. It was a play we liked during the week. To get down there -- I think that was the first time we got down there. He's wide open, and it worked just like we wanted it to. So, when a play you put in for a specific opponent comes in and works like that, it feels really good. Happy for Robert (Woods). He's done a lot of great things for us so far. He's a professional, and he's been in the right spot. Good to see it pay off for him in the end zone."

What's going on that to offense is so different in the second half?
"We came out and played well in the first half. The second half was what it was, but we found a way to get a first down at the end when it mattered. Proud of our guys and the way we battled together throughout the game. Offense was able to make a few plays there at the end when it counted, get that first down, and seal the game."

Do you feel like you need to battle against a "here we go again" feeling in the second half?
"I didn't feel that. I feel like our guys were responding. The attitude was great on the sideline. Guys were ready to get back out there and try to take advantage of the next possession. I felt the energy was good, the attitude was there. The focus was there. So, I'm proud of our guys and the way we just stayed with it and were able to make plays at the end."

You guys talk about playing complementary football. Do you feel defense forcing turnovers and offense converting to first down, was that the best half you played so far?
"Yeah, I'd have to think back through everything. It was great to see that complimentary football. We talked about it all week, playing together, playing as a team, not offense, not defense, not special teams, but feeding off of each other and playing as a team. Having the defense create those turnovers and having the offense turn them into touchdowns was huge, and it definitely helped us win this game."

How much easier does it make your job when Derrick Henry's getting chunks of yards like he was in the first and fourth?
"When Derrick's running, everything functions well. Offensive line did a great job of getting him some pulls. He was running hard, running physical, running through arm tackles. I thought he made some really good cuts out there. He did a heck of a job for us. Yeah, he's done that and probably will continue to do that."

What happened in the final sequence at the end of the first half?
"Got stopped short there, got into a situation where we run the field goal on. I don't know exactly what happened there, but we were unable to get it on in time."

How much will you guys look to the first half and say this is how good we can be?
"There's things in both halves that we did well. Things in both halves that we have to clean up. We've to look at the things we did well, build on them, clean up the things we need to clean up. Keep stacking wins. At the end of the day, our job is to go out there and win football games, 1-0 each and every week, and we were able to do that."

Do you think this team is conditioned to win the way you guys have won the last couple weeks?
"I know what ideal is, it's winning. I don't really care how it comes; our job is to win. Whether it's, quote, unquote, ugly or quote, unquote, pretty, it doesn't matter. A W is a W, and our job is to score more points than the other team and finish each and every week 1-0 as best we can. Proud of our guys and the way we battled. We don't blink when things may take a downturn. We believe in each other. We trust the guys playing beside us and on the other side of the ball. Every game's not going to be perfect. It's not a perfect game. To have that belief in each other that defense is going to make a play or offense is going to make a play when we need it, it means a lot, and we've shown up big in the last couple weeks."

Did you see the Teair Tart play?
"I don't know if it's hands or belly. I'm not quite sure which one it was. A heck of a play by tee air. To get his hands on it initially and then finish it with a catch, I don't think I've seen too many of those. Huge play by Teair (Tart) and built that momentum you mentioned in the first half."

How good was it to see the ability you saw in Chig Okonkwo rolled over into a game like today?
"It was huge. He's done a couple of things throughout the season so far, and I think that momentum is building. He's a talented guy obviously. It's fun to see him making those plays for us out on the offensive side of the ball. He's got so many talents. He's great with the ball in his hands. So, to see it pay off and get him in the end zone for his first touchdown, it was a lot of fun."

*On that throw, you changed to the side-arm. Was that something you work on? How do you know the change that you can do that with accuracy? *"It just kind of comes to you in the game. We work it in practice as well. Just changing your arm angle on different throws, especially in the middle of the field there right there between the tackles. You're kind of just doing it on air, right, when you're practicing it. Then when you get in the game, you're feeling it out. You have those games where you've been able to make those throws. So, it's not a big deal."

To sit here 2-2 with two wins in a row, how good does that locker room feel right now?
"It feels great. Didn't start the way we wanted to, but we battled and found ways to win. That's what we want to do is be a team that finds ways to win. That's what a true team is, a team that plays together, a team that doesn't blink in the face of adversity and finds ways to win no matter how the game is going. So, I think we're finding a way right there, and we've done it the last two weeks. Now we've got to keep stacking these wins."

You've won four straight games here as a quarterback. The franchise didn't have much success before that. The Colts have been outspoken how upset they are about that. How gratifying is it to you winning?
"It's great. Like I said, division opponent, a great football atmosphere, tough place to play. I have so much respect for this organization and the way they play. So, to come play a good team here a few years in a row and get wins, it's a good thing for the Titans."

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