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QB Ryan Tannehill


Did turning the ball over four times serve as cause for the loss?

No doubt, that is something that we know each and every week in this league. We all have got to be better and do a better job there.

Did wide receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine think he was blocking on the interception?

It was a pass play all the way. We just were not on the same page. I saw something and thought I could get a quick ball to him there. We just weren't on the same page.

What is the balance at a point like this between being angry and frustrated and not being emotional in terms of how you approach your work?

We have got to channel those emotions, channel the frustration, channel the anger or whatever individual emotions that each player has. We have to channel them, put them together, and come together to get back on track. This is not the way we want to play. We talk about the keys all the time in our building. We didn't really execute any of them on offense or defense today. We have to get back on track, stick together, channel that emotion and put it together in a positive way. Then find a way to win next week.

How much did falling behind on the scoreboard make you have to change the gameplan and throw it more often?

We were moving the ball effectively the whole first half. We just shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers. Each time we were kind of getting get in a groove and getting rolling it - actually two of them were down basically scoring range or in field goal range at least. We were moving and then had the turnover. We did a lot of good things in the first half. We have to take better care of the ball. When you get behind like we did early in the second half - they come out, score, we have a penalty, it put us in first-and-22, and backed us up. We were not able to gain yards there and ended up punting. Then they scored again. That put us down three scores, I believe. At that point you have to find a way to move and try to go get points.

How does this result feel given the usual success against the Jaguars?

It is not a place you want to be in. It is not a place that any of us walking into this building thought we were going to be in today. It is just the keys that we talk about all the time. If you don't take care of the ball, if you don't get turnovers or stops on the other side, if you can't score points, then you're going to lose. I don't think that there is any magic formula. We have got to do the things that we talk about and take advantage of the opportunities that we get. Now we have to channel this frustration, channel this anger, channel this emotion, put it together, stick together, and find a way to win next week.

How do you go about setting the tone for body language and attitude for this week?

No doubt, we have got to bring the energy. I thought we had great energy coming into this week. Guys were sticking together. We had a great week of practice and a great week of preparation. We had great energy going into the game and great energy in the first half, even though we had some mistakes and some turnovers. It was great energy. It wasn't for a lack of body language, energy or belief. We just had the mistakes that really cost us the game over the course of the game. We have to stick together, keep that focus, keep that energy, and keep it going. Times like these are when we find out what you're about. We have to stay the course, stick together, and find a way to win next week.

Is this still a confident team in your opinion?

I believe in those guys. I believe we have what we need to go win games. We've got to make it happen. We did some good things today and we did some things that ultimately cost us the game. We have just got to be cleaner, take advantage of the opportunities we get, believe in each other, and find a way to win.

How meaningful was it to get running back Derrick Henry going?

It was great. We did a lot of good things in the first half. We were able to move the ball the way we wanted to by doing some stuff in the passing game and by getting Derrick (Henry) rolling in the run game. He had some big runs and some efficient runs where it was muddy underneath, but he was able to fall forward and stay efficient by getting more yards. There were a lot of good things in that first half. We just have to do a better job of taking care of the ball.

What did you see on the interception?

The defensive lineman stepped up. I thought I had a quick window there to drive it to Nick Westbrook-Ikhine. He was not on the same page as me and the rest is history.

Were you taking a shot on the first play, flea-flicker, regardless as long as you had the time to throw it or it was there someplace else to go with the ball?

We were trying to get the shot deep but did not have that. We had Robert (Woods) coming across the field, but they buzzed out underneath. The guy was running with him underneath. The safety hung for a little bit in the middle. We were able to get behind him, so it made it a one-on-one on the outside. I took a shot down to Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine).

How do you rate the teams focus this week? Was the team distracted?

No. We had to deal with it, but the energy and focus were great throughout the week. We had a great week of preparation. Practice was great. Guys were locked in the meeting rooms, on the practice field, and we got a lot done. We just did some things that hurt us in this football game. We did a lot of good things, but when you turn the ball over and you don't get any back then you put yourself in a bad situation.

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