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QB Ryan Tannehill


On the wins and what it says about the team being able to pull it off this way:

"Yeah, we believe in each other and we are going to keep battling and find a way to win. You know I think that's what has been proven in the last few weeks we believe in each other we are going to keep battling no matter what's happening and ultimately find a way to win."

On how big the connection was with WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and how the play panned out:

"Yeah, it was a huge play, great play by Nick. You know really kept us in the game there, you know he had a post route and the corner fell off late to Chig [Okonkwo] who was running a sail route. So, I'm late so I had to pull the ball back so I was one on one down the field. The safety had good leverage to take away the post, but I knew it was one on one. It was basically just a trust throw, giving my guy a chance to go up and make a play on the football. Nick made a great adjustment to the football and made the play for us."

On LB David Long's interception:

"I just kept believing. I think I've seen over the years here our defense is going to keep battling and defend every blade of grass. So, I kept the faith and believed they were going to make a play, didn't know what was going to happen, who was going to make the play, but David came up huge at the end. I couldn't really see, I saw the back go out run the angle route, coming back inside but then kind of when behind the O-line I couldn't see anything and all of a sudden David is running with the football. So, I don't know exactly how it all played out, but great play by David obviously reading it out and coming up huge for us."

On the confidence growing after three straight wins:

"Yeah, no doubt it grows. Just believing in each other that we are going to find a way to win and winning is contagious. You get that taste, you get that feeling, you get that locker room after the game, those are things that you never forget. It's celebrating in those locker rooms after wins. As the team gets a taste of that and starts feeling that it really brings you together as a team and that belief only grows. So, got some good things going, need to clean up some things, but got some good things going and just want to keep the foot on the gas and keep going."

On the team's ability to bounce back:

"It comes from the guys in the locker room. It's not an easy game, it's a tough game and we've got tough guys in the locker room. I think the message is sent from Coach [Mike] Vrabel, but it's guys in the locker room that believe in each other and don't lose faith. Keeps to the process of trying to get better each and every week. And we've got a long season in front of us, and we still do. Still have to keep improving week in and week out. We're just scratching the surface, so it really comes down to the guys in the locker room, believing in each other, staying hungry each and every week, going out to the practice field trying to take advantage of the reps we get out there, working together as a team and steady improvement throughout the season."

On importance of fixing up pass protection:

"No doubt, they did a good job of getting guys in the backfield. We knew that coming in, that they were going to have a good front and they did a good job of getting pressure. So, I definitely have some things to clean up there, but our guys kept battling. The only one I had to pull back and get the ball down the field, I had time to be able to do that, pull the ball back and launch it. So, there are some good things in there too, guys protected at certain times, protected well. So, we have some things to clean up, but proud of the ways our guys battled and found a way to win."

On scoring touchdowns in the red zone:

"It's huge. We talked about it a lot. We've been solid in the red zone ever since I've been here, so it's something that we believe in, we put a lot of effort and intention into it. Something that we work throughout the spring, throughout training camp and then obviously coming in each and every week trying to get a good plan together and then go out and execute it. We know when we get down there, these games are going to be tight and inevitably in the NFL most games come down to one score games. If you take a look at it, you have to score when you get down to the red zone so there's a lot of belief that when we get down there we're going to score."

On having a successful screen game:

"Yeah, back-to-back screens. You don't see that a whole lot, kudos to Todd for making those calls. Two great calls to get the ball. They're getting a lot of pressure at that point early in the game, so getting the ball behind that rush, trying to take advantage of that. That speed rush and the guys made plays. [RB] Derrick [Henry], obviously with the big run and then the second on there [RB] Dontrell [Hillard] had to get it on him quickly, just because of the pressure there, but he was able to make a good catch and then turn it up and score."

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