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QB Ryan Tannehill


(on today's performance)

It was a frustrating day all the way around. A great opportunity and we didn't make the plays we needed to win. The defense played a heck of a game, really dominated. It was really fun to watch them play. We didn't make enough plays to win it. This hurts, hurts bad. I didn't think we would be having this conversation right now. It was not my vision for the game at all. We had an opportunity at the end and there was no doubt in my mind that we were going to go down and get points.

(on the last interception)

We were trying to get a shot over the top and they ended up rolling to a form of cover-three zone, the corner was high on top of Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine). I held the inside backer with my eyes and tried to get it in there as he came back to the quarterback to get us across the 50. We had two timeouts and a couple of shots to get us into field goal range to kick the game winner.

(on having the season end like this)

It's brutal. No one in the locker room thought we would be where we are at right now. There was a lot of confidence going into this game, a lot of confidence even throughout the game. Things weren't going our way, but we were fighting and battling, finding way to make plays and wanted to put ourselves in position win it in the fourth and we had an opportunity to, but we didn't make those plays.

(on his play in two years of consecutive playoff losses)

I felt great coming in today. I thought we had opportunities, I thought we made some plays. Some good plays made by the other side. In situations where we have had opportunities in the past it didn't turn out our way.

(on the first interception)

The safety made a heck of a play. We got Julio (Jones) switch release there going vertical with a lot of space right there. He squatted on it. I didn't feel like, there was a throw right there to go over the top, so he squatted and drove on it. Usually the safety is not in that position against that coverage against that play. You have to tip your hat to him. He made a heck of a play.

(on the slant to wide receiver Chester Rogers)

They came off the slot there, inside zone, so nickel pressure answer is to throw the bubble. The base was closing in pretty quick on Chester (Rogers) on the outside, so I was going to have to drag on Chester and the nickel made a heck of a play.

(on the third-down run)

There was a read there. I played it tight, a tight technique. I thought we were going to have the opportunity there and I came off and hesitated and I was able to make him miss to get the first down.

(on how tough the offseason will be)

This is brutal. It's going to hurt for a long time. It is going to be on my mind for a long time. It is going to take a long time to get over. You don't look forward to this situation. You don't look forward to being out when you had a great opportunity, and this is just one of those things that time will heal.

(on having running back Derrick Henry back)

It is tough to kind of see from where I am sitting. A lot of times I am carrying out a fake or just turning my head around, but he came in and had some good hard runs. He was able to get downhill a little bit and run physical. I thought he did a good job just from my perspective. It is tough to really say, but it is good to have him back out there obviously. I love having him on the field with us.

(on the plan on the final drive)

That was our plan, to try to bleed it as we got down. Kick the game winner as time expired and not give the other side an opportunity. What happened, happened.

(on what he needs to do to take the Titans to a Super Bowl)

We have got to win. We have got to win these critical playoff games. We overcame a lot to be here, but at the end of the day we have got to play really good and make the plays necessary to win the games in January.

(on if his performance fell off this season)

We will go back and look at everything. It was a lot of things where I think can grow from, learn from, throughout this year in what happened. I felt like we overcame a lot but when you go home in this sort of fashion it leaves a lot to be desired.

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