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QB Ryan Tannehill


How was it losing another close game like that today?

It's brutal. You battle, you keep yourself in the game, find a way to take a lead late. They got the lead, and we didn't do enough to score. So, yes, you're going to have guys out there battling, guys fought through a lot of injuries, guys that didn't practice all week out putting their body on the line battling through the game. Guys stepped up for us that hadn't played much of a role for us throughout the year and stepped up today and played a lot of quality snaps for us. Proud of the guys and the way we battled, but we just came up a few plays short and got to find a way to make those tough plays.  

The two sacks on the last series, are you just trying to hang in as absolutely long as you can to find something downfield or what's the thought process there?

Yeah. I mean we've got to cover some ground there, right? So, you can't throw the ball to checkdowns and expect to get the 40 yards we needed to be able to take a swing at it. So yeah, we had long developing routes. We were trying to push the ball downfield and didn't have time to get it off.

How does it feel, after not having played since October, as far as the flow of the game and being on the same page as the guys?

Yeah, definitely had to get back into the flow a little bit. It'd obviously been a while, but it felt good to be back out there. Yeah, I felt like once we settled in a little bit, it felt good.

You mentioned on those two sacks Ryan (Tannehill), is it a narrow line between holding the ball and looking for the receivers down field as opposed to just getting rid of it and throwing it away?

Yeah, it's a super fine line, right? Because a lot of times you're able to hit those downfield throws at the last second. Get the ball off at the last second, right? You get the backer to hold, or the safety to run, whatever the case may be and get the ball off at the last second. Those are going to be tight windows downfield, and they know the ball is going downfield. It's a tough situation but it takes a little time for those things to develop`.

You guys were able to reestablish Derrick (Henry) in the run game today, how disappointing is it to not be able to take advantage of that?

Yeah, it's tough. We did a lot of good things. The run game was great. The guys battled up front. Derrick (Henry) got it going, had a lot of quality runs for us. Tyjae (Spears) made some huge plays for us as well. So, did some good things there but didn't score enough points.

You had a couple of big runs and rolled out a decent amount. How did you feel mobility wise?

Oh, I felt great. It makes all the difference in the world when you're not on a blown ankle and trying to make it work. I felt good physically.

Ryan (Tannehill) after the last touchdown, you shared a moment with Derrick (Henry). What was that like and have you started to have any nostalgia at all in the last few weeks?

No, not yet. We've had a lot of cool moments together but that wasn't a nostalgic moment so to say. But enjoy obviously every time I get to share the field with Derrick (Henry). We have a lot of fun together. Made a lot of plays and won a lot of games. He's a fun player to watch, he's a fun player to call a teammate, and he makes a lot of plays for us.

Is that what you told him in that moment? You kind of grabbed him and talked to him for a second.

No, I was just talking about, I thought he may have had a knee down right as he dove into the end zone. So, it wasn't a nostalgic moment at all. I said, 'Hey just be ready we may be on the one-inch line. I wasn't sure if your knee was down.' As I turned back, it looked like he kind of dived, and it was close as the knee hit. But once, obviously they reviewed it, and it was good.

(Are you) impressed by his (Derrick Henry's) throw? He seems to have a pretty good percentage.

Yeah. He's got a good thing going with that. Obviously great execution, got the great run so everyone bit off, was able to execute the throw.

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