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QB Ryan Tannehill


Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020

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(on WR A.J. Brown's performance after struggling in previous games) "It was huge. He made some really big plays for us. You mentioned the touchdown there in the third-and-long situation. If we can get it to his hands quick and gets the first down, great, if not, we're in a four-down situation there. He was able to break out of three or four tackles and really just will his way into the end zone. It was a pretty amazing play to watch happen. He pit it out with the one he made a couple plays before on the left side where again, he broke three or four tackles and was able to just keep going gaining yards up the sideline. It was really cool and glad to be a part of it." 

(on pre-snap adjustment with WR A.J. Brown) "We always have some things we can change up. Sometimes they come up, and sometimes we let it ride. A.J. [Brown] just did a really good job of just making a play in that situation."

(on emotions after RB Derrick Henry's touchdown in OT) "It was huge. We did move the ball offensively. I had a ton of confidence that as soon as we got the ball, we were going to find a way to march it down and get in the end zone. They were throwing the kitchen sink at us and bringing pressure almost every play. I was telling the guys in the huddle, 'They're bringing all this pressure. If we get Derrick [Henry] on and make them miss one guy, we'll be able to take it to the house,' and that's exactly what he did."

(on staying in playoff race after big plays by WR A.J. Brown and RB Derrick Henry) "It's huge. Those guys make big plays. Derrick [Henry] ran hard all day and had some really big runs for us. Corey [Davis] made some big plays down the field for us. A.J. [Brown], as you mentioned, just went 'beast mode' there on those two plays at the end of the fourth quarter. So, guys stepped up and made some big plays for us. We had guys that made plays all the way around. When we're at our best, that's what's happening – guys are making plays all across our offense." 

(on re-establishing grit and ability to get things done) "I don't think we ever lost faith. We were struggling a bit, to put it simply. We weren't finishing. We weren't playing consistent enough. We needed to get back on track. Today, we were able to fight through some adversity in the middle of the game. Things weren't going our way in the middle of the game. We got down but that belief never stopped. We kind of felt the tide turning there in the fourth quarter on offense. We felt ourselves gaining momentum, just eating up yards up front and making plays on the outside. The defense kept us in there at the end, and we held them to a field goal at the end of regulation and then, getting a big stop in overtime. There's a lot of confidence throughout our team that we've been on a touch stretch there but when we get in a tough situation, we're going to keep fighting and find a way to win."

(on Head Coach Mike Vrabel's fake punt play call) "Honestly, I didn't even see it. I didn't know what was going on. I was ticked off that we didn't convert on third down. I went over to the sideline and was getting on the bench about to look at the Surface to see what happened and heard the conversion and that we were back on the field. I'll have to take a look at it on tape, but I'm sure he'll say it's the best throw of the day." 

(on offensive rebound after a slow start to the game) "We just kept plugging away. We missed some opportunities early in the game and just kept with it; kept pounding away. With the run game, [we] kept taking shots through the air and things started to finally go our way during the end of the game. Sometimes that is the way it goes – you just have to stay with it. Stay with the plan, keep swinging, taking shots and believe in each other that eventually things will start heading your way."

(on his reaction to the big hit on RB Derrick Henry and his toughness to get back in the game) "Derrick is extremely tough. He is a competitor. He runs hard. He takes a pounding each and every game and continues to keep fighting through it. I saw him go up in the air on that play, and time slowed down. I was thinking, 'No,' as I saw him coming down. Tough situation to be in there like that with a guy coming at you. He might be a little sore, but he is a fighter. [He] came back in and obviously made some huge plays for us at the end."

(on if there was a throw or a moment that helped him regain his rhythm) "No, I don't think so. Sometimes you just have to keep playing. Tough situation there with the pick, but sometimes you just have to keep playing and keep firing. Keep swinging. You don't like missing, but when you do miss, you just have to keep swinging. Have that confidence in your receivers, your backs, your tight ends, whoever you are throwing the ball to, that believes they are going to make the play. I am going to keep swinging, keep firing away, and I believe that those guys are going to make the play."

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