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QB Ryan Tannehill


(on how good it felt to see the two-point conversion pass be incomplete)

It was huge, obviously, yeah. It was awesome. We backed it up there and knew it was going to make it tough on them. It was awesome to see the defense step up and make a huge play.

(on what it shows about the team to come out on top in game where things didn't go right)

Yeah, obviously we've got to clean some stuff up but I'm never going to apologize for a win. I'm proud of our guys. We battled through. We were able to make some plays when it counted and come away with a win. Proud of our guys, stepping up and finding a way to come away with a win.

(on wide receiver Marcus Johnson being due to have a big performance)

I have a ton of faith in Marcus (Johnson) every time he steps out there. Going back to training camp, and then he's had a couple opportunities to step up and make plays for us this year. Awesome to really see him get going a little bit. When he caught that early one, coming underneath and then gunning for the open space, I knew he had some juice so I was excited to see that happen.

(on if there was a better rhythm in passing this week)

There's a lot of stuff we've got to clean up, you know? We did some good things, had some opportunities there. We've just got to keep our foot on the gas, keep cleaning the things up and be prepared for next week.

(on if Marcus Johnson needed the boost personally as much as the team)

Yeah, it should be. It should be. You know, the guy goes out there and makes plays for us, creates huge explosive plays, played consistent for us the whole day. It should give him confidence moving forward. I know I have a ton of confidence in him. This offense has a ton of confidence in him so hopefully we can use it as a springboard for him to keep progressing.

(on the importance of having Marcus Johnson complement wide receiver A.J. Brown)

Oh, its huge. You know you see Julio (Jones) not make it to the game. We need somebody to step up and fill that role for us. We've got a guy like Marcus (Johnson) that's able to do that, creates more balance for us offensively and we can run our offense.

(on how big it was to have the special teams turnover to start the second half and score)

Oh, it was huge. I'm not even sure who even made that hit but that was awesome, man. You see a big hit on special teams without a turnover and it can change the momentum of a game and really get the defense going, get a lot of confidence going out onto the field. Get a turnover, put the offense in great field position there. It really spring boarded us to get into the end zone and really change the game.

(on how his illness impacted him getting ready for today)

Yeah, I don't feel so good. Still dealing with a lot but thankful I was able to make it to the game and be out there.

(on the short field twice in the game and if that is where the game was won)

I think it was won in a lot of different areas but that definitely contributed. Obviously, taking advantage of short fields, we got another one there, I believe at the beginning of the – or the end of the third quarter, we didn't take advantage, but got the ball on the 40-yard line or so. Got to be able to move the ball there and get points out of that. We've got to be better in the red zone overall. We moved the ball during the middle of the game consistently but didn't finish consistently enough in the red zone. We've been better there. We've just got to get back on track and learn from this one.

(on how the team takes the 'next man up' mentality to the extreme this season)

It's something we believe in. Obviously, we talk about it. You don't want to consistently have to have other guys step in, but if that's the case, then you want guys to step in and play with confidence. It's something our program believes in. Our coaches are preaching it. We believe in it as players that if you get an opportunity, you've got to step in and take advantage of it. If that mentality persists throughout the organization, then we are going to be in good shape.

(on the confidence in Marcus Johnson from training camp that came to fruition today)

He went out there and made plays. He got some opportunities, and every time the ball went his way, he made the play. Hats off to Marcus (Johnson). Excited to see him get going a little bit. Hopefully, we can build on it.

(on how he felt this morning when he woke up before today's game)

Bad. It's been a tough couple days, but hopefully keep progressing and feel better.

(on if it was a stomach bug)


(on playing a game without running back Derrick Henry, wide receiver Julio Jones, and wide receiver A.J. Brown having one catch)

I mean, I knew I wasn't going to have Julio (Jones) or Derrick (Henry). I didn't know A.J. (Brown) was only going to have one catch. I really didn't even realize he only had one catch, but Marcus (Johnson) stepped up. We had a bunch of guys that stepped up and make plays for us. Adrian (Peterson) had some good runs. Tight ends made plays for us. I kind of take the mentality of we're not ever dependent on one person. There's going to be opportunities that present themselves throughout the game to people, to different position groups. It's just a matter of being able to step up and take advantage of it. Some guys did that today and it really helped us out.

(on the forced fumble on kickoff to spark momentum)

Yeah, that was huge. Coming out of the second half, huge hit, ball comes out and it puts the offense in great position there to go score. Our offense was able to capitalize on that and go punch it into the end zone. It really got the second half started off right for us.

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