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QB Ryan Tannehill


(on the team's quick start today)

We came out and we executed. We played well early and that's something we obviously wanted to improve upon from last week. Took us a while to get going last week. We knew coming out that high-powered offense on the other side, we wanted to get going early and score points early. We were able to do that and hopefully we can keep it going.

(on being super accurate today and being dialed in)

I felt good. I felt good a lot of games, you know. I can't say I felt any different. I felt confident throwing the ball and guys were making play.

(on taking advantage of the Chiefs being concerned about running back Derrick Henry)

Yeah, they were mixing it up. They were giving us safeties down low. They'd roll one back, they're going back to Tampa. They were really rolling the coverages on us and gave us a bunch of different looks. We were able to take advantage of the middle safety a few times there. Got one-on-one matchups there when that happened, and our guys made plays. If teams are going to try to take away Derrick (Henry) by stacking in the box then you have to be able to win on the outside.

(on the team hitting its stride and gaining confidence)

We're heading in the right direction. We've done some good things. I felt like we built on what we started in the second quarter last week and we were able to get going and finish that game, win the game against a good opponent and build on that today coming out today and getting a fast start and scoring a lot of points early. Hopefully, we can just keep the course, keep working and keep getting better.

(on if more attention being paid to Derrick Henry allows play action to be effective)

I don't think so. I think every week teams know that Derrick (Henry) is going to get his carries. I think its been that way since 2019. Teams know how we want to play and the threat that Derrick is. I don't think a whole lot is different from the past couple weeks than even going back to 2019.

(on the connection between him and wide receiver A.J. Brown these past few weeks)

I think we're improving. We're growing as an offense, so we just want to stay the course and keep getting better.

(on if he's seen a team go five quarters between punts before)

I don't – I try to punt the least amount as possible. I don't keep track of it though. If we can keep Brett (Kern) off the field – although when he did come on the field, he dropped a few little wedges inside the five-yard line so that was pretty impressive as well. Coming off COVID and IR and the whole thing and being able to drop it inside the five-yard line is pretty impressive. Yeah, we want to keep him off the field and just use him as few as times as possible.

(on Head Coach Mike Vrabel tempering the team to prevent getting overly confident)

Yeah, there's nothing to get carried away about. We are seven games into a 17-game regular season. We have a lot of football in front of us. We just have to stay the course, enjoy the wins, keep building, grow as a team and be able to put a good team effort out each and every week.

(on seeing the defense play well today as a member of the offense)

It was huge, man. It was a lot of fun. I was loving watching those guys play. You know, they're flying around. Seeing Harold (Landry III) bend on the edge, Bud's (Dupree) on the other side. They're meeting at the QB. David's (Long Jr.) flying around, making tackles all over place. Secondary's covering. They have a lot of fire power on the other side and we covered them and made it hard on them today. As an offensive guy, when you're seeing your own defense play like that, it's a lot of fun. They're getting turnovers, giving us the ball back. It was huge the way they played today.

(on being in a groove after 10 straight completions on Monday and starting with 11 today)

Definitely, yeah. It feels good whenever you're completing balls because you're moving the chains, you're sustaining drives and you get into a rhythm. So, it definitely feels good whenever the offense is moving and stringing drives together, no doubt.

(on the offensive flow of the last two weeks compared to previous games)

It feels great. You know, like you said, there's been other stretches where we've been in a groove, and we did some good things today. Like I said, we just need to stay the course, keep building on what we did. There's still a lot of things we've got to clean up today. We didn't come out and execute well in the second half. They knew we were going to try to run it and wear down the clock and burn Derrick (Henry) and get him as many carries as we can. We didn't execute well enough to run out the clock and sustain first downs there in the second half. We still have a lot of growth to get from this, but we did some good things and can build on it moving forward, no doubt.

(on if the 'not getting carried away with anything' attitude is new or something they've always done)

I think it's always the same thing, right? It's a week-to-week league. You can't bank on what you did last week or two weeks ago. It doesn't matter, frankly. If you don't show up each and every week, you're going to get beat. As a team, we enjoy the win. We hopefully build on it and get that confidence and build on that confidence, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to reset and come out and play each week and play good football.

(on if something specific clicked today for the team that hadn't clicked before)

Yeah, I think we made plays. We were able to sustain drives, our guys were making plays outside. We had some one-on-one coverage, tight coverage. A.J. (Brown) made a couple huge plays down the field. The touchdown was a great catch. You know, I just basically gave him a chance, saw a one-on-one, and said, 'Hey, I'm going to trust my guy and let him go get it.' It was good to see those plays down the field being made and hopefully, we can build on that.

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