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QB Ryan Tannehill


On the ability of Titans WR Treylon Burks being able to hold on to the ball after his hit during the touchdown:

"It was a huge play. Obviously he took a big hit there and held onto the ball. It says a lot about him. The first thing when I saw him in the locker room at halftime, he said 'I wasn't going to let that ball go'. So it just tells you a lot about the kind of guy he is and the competitor he is."

On how difficult the passing game was when Titans WR Treylon Burks couldn't come back into the game:

"Obviously losing [Titans WR] Treylon [Burks] is a blow. With the shuffling we had to do, with personnel wise and everything else, it makes it tough. Anytime you lose one of your top guys, it makes it more difficult."

On what it means to him when the Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel said the team is at a cross roads:

"We are going to find out what we are about. I think we have a resilient group. We are tough and have bounced back from a lot before and I believe we will bounce back from this. We have to make the corrections that need to be made and come ready to go tomorrow and this week to win one game. At the end of the day, this one is done. It stinks and it hurts. We are all disappointed and all frustrated, mad and angry, every emotion you can name. We have to be able to get over it and go win the next one."

On not losing more than two games in a row, and how the team makes sure it doesn't happen moving forward:

"Me, as a player and as a leader, I have to go in and get ready to go with a great attitude, and a focus and attention, and drive our guys to and prepare and have our best week of preparation and get ready to go and play the next one."

On how difficult it is when the run game is not working:

"It makes it a little tougher. We want to play a balance and that is no secret I do not think. Whatever the case may be, if we are struggling to get it going, then we have to make more plays in the pass game. Each game is going to be different and we have to find out ways to move the ball."

On effectively running the ball and whether his ankle is feeling better:

"The ankle is feeling better steadily as the season goes on since the injury. I want to keep it going in the right direction. I had some opportunities to get outside and use my legs a little bit. It felt good to get moving a little bit. I am glad I was able to make those plays."

On the running game not being effective the past four games:

"Obviously, we are not doing a good enough job. I don't know exactly what it is and I can't tell you exactly what it is. We are going to need to be better."

On how much the front has to be better after he got hit a lot:

"Everyone has a role. I do and the receivers do. The offensive line does. We just have to be better all the way around."

On whether there is any reason to think they cannot turn it around:

"I don't think there is any reason to believe that. From what I have seen from our guys and our team, I don't think that."

On whether he feels they are right where they need to be and whether it is because they have three division games left and they are on the top of the division:

"Honestly, I don't try and take a step back and look at what is all in front of us or where we are at in the standings, and all that stuff. I try and go win a game each and every week. That process will not change. I know we have a division game at home this week. It is going to be a big one and we need to go and find a way to win."

On what makes him confident the team will get back on track:

"Resilience. When you face adversity and you find a way to stick together and push through and find a way to win. When you have seen it before, you believe you can do it again."

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