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QB Ryan Tannehill


Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020

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(on the slow start offensively) "Yeah it was a slow start and really didn't get a whole lot going throughout the game. We were able to get points there before half. That just kind of kept us in it, and then coming out we got points early in the second half, but that was about it. Those two drives were really all we got going the whole game. We definitely need to start faster. When you play a good offense on the other side you are going to have to score points, and we didn't do that."

(on not matching Green Bay's offense) "It's tough. I have to be better. As an offense we have to be better. We didn't execute well or consistently at any time. We put a couple of drives together, but other than that we weren't executing well. We have to be able to look at this and get it fixed for next week."

(on his first interception) "I was looking to the right first. They covered (Cameron) Batson underneath. I peeked over and saw A.J. (Brown) with some space and just tried to get it to him quickly. I didn't get enough on the throw obviously. The guy made a good play, ran underneath it."

(on the pressure of having to score a lot of points) "At the end of the day we are going to have the ball about as many possessions as those guys. We expect to go get points. Facing a good offense, you are going to have to score points. We knew that going in. We didn't get it done."

(on the weather) "It was snow weather obviously. We didn't have that during the week. The weather was actually colder, more wind, in Nashville on Friday so we got to practice in the cold. There are no excuses, except to be better."

(on his top receivers being held in check) "We just couldn't get it going, whether it was not having the right combination on with the defense or winning the route or making the throw. They went on the throw and then we didn't get protection. It was all over the board. I have to be better. We just weren't consistent enough as an offense."

(on if he had to force throws tonight) "Once you get down, I wouldn't say force throws, but you are going to have to be aggressive to try and make some stuff happen. You have to score points. You aren't going to be able to be as methodical on your drives. At the end of the day, I wasn't able to make those plays."

(on the amount of first down runs) "We came in just like always wanting to run the football. That is nothing new there. We tried to eat up some clock and get things going. I think the best part of when we are playing at our best it is wearing teams down and running the football consistently throughout the game. I think that is what the thought was and we just have to execute better."

(on having to come back when you are a run first team) "I think we have shown that we can do it other ways too. We have scored a lot of different ways this year. You look at the Cleveland game. We were able to come back in that game without too much run game. Obviously, the way we are built with what we like to do, but I think we have shown that we can do it other ways. We just didn't get it done tonight."

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