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QB Ryan Tannehill


(on winning the game even though the team had three turnovers)

I will take a win no matter what. That is why we are here, find a way to win. Obviously, we have some things to clean up, but we found a way to win and that is why we are here.

(on the defense being able to pick the offense up after a turnover)

They made some huge plays. You look at some big stops they made, really consistently throughout the game. Putting pressure on the quarterback, being disruptive, and I thought they went out and played a really good game. They obviously picked us up. Then there at the end, made a huge stop to force an extremely long field goal. I am proud of those guys and the way they battled today.

(on what he says to the receivers that came in due to injury)

Play fast, play decisive, and take advantage of the opportunity. Those guys were out there battling, I had a lot of experience throwing them the ball throughout training camp and been here a few years. Feel really good about those guys stepping into the huddle and have a lot of confidence in what they can do.

(on if the gameplan was to utilize so many rollouts and quarterback runs)

I know at least a couple of them were rollout passes and I just saw covered receivers and some space. Really when you call those, you are thinking you are going to get an opportunity to, down the field, to stretch the defense, but I felt some space and tried to take advantage of it.

(on not sliding at the end of his runs and if head coach Mike Vrabel talked to him about it)

I got some words from (Mike) Vrabel, and I am sure I will get more tomorrow when we are watching the tape. I try not to take any big hits, try to be smart with it. If I can get on the edge or the shoulder and it is not going to be a big hit, then I am all right with it. Definitely don't want to take one square. I think that second one he caught me pretty square, and I definitely should have slid that tape. You look at those, and then the last run on the sidelines, trying to just get the first down and stay in bounds there so really didn't think a slide was a good option there.

(on having the opportunity to put his shoulder down and make a hit while running the ball)

I think I was just protecting myself. I don't know if I was trying to punish anybody. If it is third-and-one and I am running down at the line of scrimmage or close to the goal line, that is when I think about lowering a shoulder and trying to get that tough yardage. For the most part, just trying to get on an edge and not take a big hit.

(on the early turnover and if it is a situation where he can't dwell on it)

Yeah, no doubt. We had a miscommunication there with our receivers. Like I say every week, no matter good or bad you have to be able to flush the play and move on to the next one. We weren't on the same page there and it hurt us. We can't dwell on it, it was early in the game, defense played well, kept us in it, and a lot of football to play so you can't dwell on any one bad play.

(on what happened on the first interception)

We had two guys right down the middle, and just weren't on the same page.

(on this team being able to pull out a win in close games)

Most games in the NFL come down to the fourth quarter. That is just the reality. It is a very competitive league and most games are going to come down to the fourth quarter. We have to find a way and believe that we can find a way to win those tough games. Whether we are behind trying to go get the go-ahead score, or today where we are ahead and trying to tack on points to make it a two-score game again. We have a lot of confidence in each other. We talked about it, we realize these games are going to be tough battles. Finishing is huge, finishing every play, and finishing the game. It is something that is a pillar of our program, and we believe in it.

(on deciding to go for the two-point conversation and succeeding)

That was a huge play. Took it to a two-score game there, I think that was early in the fourth quarter and just put pressure on them. I like the call, I felt really good about it. We were able to push the whole D-line pretty much into the end zone and Derrick (Henry) got in. Huge play for us right there.

(on finding a way to win through all the adversities)

We are going to face adversity every week. Hopefully, it isn't turnovers, but we are going to get stuffed, going to have a three-and-out, we are going to have a play that is not executed well. We have to find a way to battle through that, to stick together, believe in each other and go out and find a way to execute the next time we are on the field. I think that belief is building. We have to continue to work at it and clean things up. If we can have that belief in each other and that confidence that we can fight through adversity, and the more times we actually do it on Sundays, it builds that confidence.

(on if running back Jeremy McNichols was the first read on the touchdown pass)

That is kind of coverage dictated. I think when we called it, we didn't think it was going to end up going to him. They sank out underneath and I was able to give him a shot there in the flat. We really called that to try and get it to one of the receivers on the other side but tried to take what the defense gave me there, and he was open and I got it to him. He showed his speed, catching it smoothly, and getting up field for the score. That was a huge play that really busted the game for us.

(on getting the win and taking control of the division)

It is huge, coming back home after a tough loss last time we were here. Obviously, go out and get a win on the road last week and need to start building that momentum, stacking wins and build that confidence as we move forward throughout the season. It was a big opportunity for us today and glad we could come out with the win.

(on Colts quarterback Carson Wentz battling through two sprained ankles to play in today's game)

Sprained ankles suck, I have had them before, and they are no fun. Sometimes you just have to battle through those things.

(on his relationship with wide receiver Julio Jones continuing to grow)

It has been good, the more reps we get, the more it improves. I have a ton of confidence in what he has done so far. We are making plays in practice together and we have seen it last week in the game, so I feel really confident throwing him the ball.

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