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QB Ryan Tannehill


How tough was it being under fire today?

"It's hard. It's hard to get anything going. They did a good job getting pressure in the pocket pretty much all day." 

Was there anything that they showed you that was unexpected or was it the way you guys handled it or did not handle the game today?

"We had a game plan coming in and we tried to help where we could. At the end of the day they did a good job executing their game plan." 

How is the culture now from the momentum of last week to the current loss this week?

"It's frustrating, obviously. Haven't been a part of a whole lot of games here that ended like that. Not the way we wanted to go out and play on any side of the ball. We gotta be better." 

What was the thinking behind the play that ended the first half?

"We were in a situation where the ball had to be in the end zone or out of bounds. It wasn't the play that we had called, but he got there pretty fast and he made the play." 

Are the protection issues that you all have correctable?

"We are going to do our best to keep working, keep improving and find a way to make it work. I think that is all you can do at this point. Keep working and keep finding ways that we can protect and get the ball. 

How difficult is it when you're not taking advantage of plays on first and second down?

"Yeah, it's brutal. You put yourself in third-and-long situations, especially with a front like that, it makes it tough. We knew that going into the game we wanted to be in third-and-shorter situations.You can say that every week, but especially with a team with a front like that, they are able to tee off up front and then sync a bunch of guys into coverage on third-and-long situations. You're in a tough situation."

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