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QB Ryan Tannehill


Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020

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(On the offensive efficiency scoring 17 consecutive points) "It was big. I think we had been moving the ball, but we weren't finishing. We scored the first touchdown and then we moved the ball and weren't finishing. We had the turnover, we had a drive [where] we marched down the field and then didn't convert, so we needed to score. We needed to finish the drive and we were able to do that. Some guys made some big plays. Obviously, Derrick [Henry] running the football, A.J. [Brown] in the pass game. [We] just really put full drives together and we were able to score."

(On the aggressive play calling by Head Coach Mike Vrabel) "It was awesome. I had no idea the fake punt was coming up. I was over on the sideline and I looked on the scoreboard and saw I think it was [Amani] Hooker running the ball. So [it was] pretty cool to see that work. On fourth down, as soon as we got within short yardage there, I think CD [Corey Davis] caught a slant and got into I think fourth-and-2. I look over at the sideline and was trying to convince [Head Coach Mike] Vrabel to go for it. He was already saying we were going. I love the aggressiveness. I love the mentality to attack. I think we like playing that way as an offense and when Coach Vrabel makes those type of calls, it definitely gives us a lot of juice."

(On when the trickery of a fake play isn't even needed) "It was huge. They end up playing man there. They keep disciplined eyes on their guys, so the fake didn't do a whole lot like you said. But you have a guy like A.J. [Brown] [with] tight coverage, he got his hips in front of his guy. I was able to just put it up and he made a heck of a catch there holding off the defender and then bringing it in in the end zone."

(On the mentality to keep the team atop the division the rest of the season) "We have to keep building. We have to keep progressing, take advantage of every week. Obviously, [it's] getting here late in the season, we need to be playing our best football here in the end of the season. It's going to be our challenge to go out and prepare next week to beat Detroit, find a way to finish next week 1-0. Once we do that, we'll head to the next one."

(On keeping his composure after leaving points on the field) "We weren't finishing. We moved the ball, like I said, marched it down the field and then weren't able to convert inside the red zone. Then we had a turnover there on the fumble. We were moving the ball, [but] we just weren't playing clean enough in order to finish drives in the end zone. We just kind of stuck with it, kept going. We were able to execute there at the end of the half, had a huge stop there by the defense backing them up, and then two plays getting in field goal range and then Stephen [Gostkowski] obviously with the kick. That was a huge play for us in order to come into half[time] getting that last few points."

(On seeing RB Derrick Henry put up big numbers every week) "I think we realize what Derrick brings to the table each and every game. He plays hard, he plays physical. When I turn around and I can see a crease, a four-foot-wide crease in the D-line, I know that's going to be good for the Titans. Once Derrick gets going and he's clean through the D-line, obviously he's explosive and tough to bring down in the open field. The more we can see that happen, the better off it's going to be."

(On having threats in both the running and passing game) "It's huge. Like you said, we have weapons all over. You mentioned Corey [Davis], A.J. [Brown], Derrick [Henry], Jonnu [Smith], [Anthony] Firks[er] has been big for us, Geoff [Swaim] was big today. We've had a bunch of guys all over the offense step up and make plays consistently for us so teams can't really key in on one thing. If they want to throw the kitchen sink at stopping Derrick, then we have guys on the outside that can make plays. If they want to sit back and try to cover, then obviously Derrick can make them pay on the inside. Having that combination of guys across the offense is key for us."

(On having TE Geoff Swaim as another offensive threat) "I have a lot of confidence in Swaim. Ever since he came in late in training camp, you see his route-running craft, his ability. He has a great feel for things on getting himself open, nuances within the route to get himself open. I have a ton of confidence in Geoff and obviously it showed off today."

(On building on the nine wins already this season) "It's a good thing, right? Obviously, you want to win as many games as fast as you can. Nine wins is good but that's nowhere near where we want to be. [We] need to keep progressing, need to keep taking advantage of opportunities, find a way to get better here late in the season, and play our best football."

(On being in the top tier of quarterbacks in the league and the Florida weather) "I do miss the Florida weather. I miss the water but there'll be time for that in the offseason. As far as quarterbacks, I just try to go out and play the best football I can each and every week. The guys around me are playing really good. [I] have a lot of fun being able to go throw the football with these guys and watch them work, so I'm going to continue just trying to do that."

(On having an efficient offense going into the last part of the season) "We've done some good things. I think we're heading in the right direction. We want to play clean and play our best football here late in December. I know we had some penalties today that really hurt us. We'll have to go back and look at those and see how we can fix that, but I feel like if we clean those things up then we would've scored a lot more points. So we're heading in the right direction. We're doing some good things. We need to keep progressing and playing our best football in December."

(On the defense being able to get off the field) "Defense played huge. They gave up three [points] but that was really on the offense because we fumbled the ball right there in field goal range. They didn't really give up any yards and they just kicked it. Really defense pitched a shutout in the first half, so when the defense plays like that, it gives us a lot of confidence as an offense, as a team, to go out and win the game."

(On RB Derrick Henry setting records and potentially having a 2,000-yard season) "It's cool. I love playing with Derrick. I love watching him work. When you see him break into the open field and all that space and DBs trying to bring him down in the open field, I think that gets not only me excited but the whole team. He's had a great career so far. He's done some great things. I think he's already set a bunch of records and hopefully he can keep doing that."

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