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QB Ryan Griffin

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Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021

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(On drops being an issue this week in practice and carrying over to the game)

"They did. It is part of the game. Guys are out there giving it their all. Everyone is fighting for a spot on the team. So you hate to see it, but it happens to everybody. I was glad to get the ball to O.J. [Howard] again just because he had those drops – you guys have all seen O.J. [Howard] play. He's a good player so just getting the confidence back for a lot of people is all it is."

(On if O.J. Howard is shaking off rust coming back from injury)

"Exactly. Getting in there, seeing live action and getting practice reps, he is just getting better and better. Started off a little shaky but then he gets back in his groove and you see he's fine. That's how it is for a lot of the guys."

(On if it easy to put an outcome like this game behind him because it is preseason)

"No. I actually don't think I have ever been on a team that had a losing record in the preseason – not that it matters – it doesn't matter for your regular season score, but you just hate losing and then you hate losing like we just did right there. We have to score more points. So that's frustrating."

(On being disappointed in not finding the end zone)

"Yeah, especially you go through a whole game and different people are playing and it is tough to get in a groove. Obviously different quarterbacks are going in, different receivers. But still, obviously, you want to find the end zone. It doesn't matter if it's the preseason. It still feels just as good."

(On what he can take from this game going forward)

"I think building those relationships with the guys. Like Gio [Bernard], got to work with Gio [Bernard] tonight. We didn't connect so hopefully we'll get another chance next week. I think he's a great receiver – a great receiving running back that is – so just cases like that."

(On Gio Bernard bringing experience and pass catching ability)

"He's pretty good – we don't want to talk about him too much or bring too much attention to Gio [Bernard]."

(On if he is trying to not give Berard a big head)

"Yeah, exactly. No, Gio [Bernard] is great. He brings a lot to our offense. I will leave it at that for Gio [Bernard]."

(On how he feels he's done during preseason)

"Last week didn't go like I wanted it too and then this week if we could have gotten in the end zone, I think it would have been a fine game. A couple third downs, tough one to Scotty [Miller] on the sideline and one to Gio [Bernard], we just didn't convert enough on third down. It's gone fine, it's not – obviously you want to go out there and score five touchdowns every week. It hasn't been like that. But, it's football."

(On the joint practices with the Titans)

"Yeah, we got some good work in practice. Kyle [Trask] and I didn't get as much work. It was more Blaine [Gabbert] and Tom [Brady]. Tom [Brady] wasn't going to play so he was going to get the majority of the work. It was good out there and getting in the game. That's where you get the best work anyways."

(On if third down is the most important down to him)

"Well, I think getting ahead of the sticks. I mean if you're going to go through our last two preseason games, really we just haven't got ahead of the sticks. So we're not running the ball for four or more on first down or completing the ball. We are getting a lot of third and longs or just a lot of third downs. You would love to not have any third downs on a drive. It just makes it harder to score. Football is beautiful game and it's so hard, but it's so simple. I had a play today, it was cover zero, exit screen, it was a perfect play to that coverage. I threw it to Scotty [Miller] and he got eaten up. I'm sure the other side was wide open, but on that play you can go either way. You pick a side and today it didn't work. But, that's football and that's why I love the game. It drives you crazy but it always brings you back and you're always looking for more. So a lot of stuff like that happened today."

(On advice to Kyle Trask)

"Football, it's a beautiful game. Ten guys could be on the same page and you make a perfect ball and guy trips, ball gets tipped, it's picked. That's literally just what I was saying. I thought he threw some really good balls. He hits Tanner [Hudson] – I don't know how you call a fumble on that – that blows my mind. But, great throw, they say it's a fumble, touchdown for them. So he had a couple plays like that tonight where a lot of guys were doing stuff right and just that one person who didn't connect, balls tipped and then interception. That is just kind of how it goes sometimes. That's why it drives you crazy."

(On what he has to do to make the roster)

"I just do what I can. I go out there and execute every chance I get. Hopefully I get a chance next week to put something good on film. Control what you can control, right? I go out there and give it my best every day and see what happens. But it is just how the game works."

(On the offensive line's performance)

"I thought they did pretty well. I think I got sacked – I was holding the ball a while. But, that was the tight end's guy. I think one of the other sacks was a running back. A lot of stuff gets put on the O-line that's not always there fault. I mean Nick Leverett hadn't played center – we are on our fifth center. He did a great job. But that's the preseason [laughs]. I introduced myself to one of our guards today, literally in the locker room. That's just part of the game. You go out there and you have to make it work. Like I said, it is a beautiful game. Tough to get 11 guys on the same page, sometimes it's even tougher if they just got here two days ago. It's just part of the deal."

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