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How frustrating is it losing coming out of the bye week?

It is definitely frustrating. It feels like we could have won that game. We had some good moments, we had some not so good moments. We were battling. Obviously to see Billy (Turner) go down, that wasn't easy on us. Then (Graham) Glasgow going down. We trust Luke (Wattenberg). It was his first time stepping in and he battled, he tried to everything he could. Same thing with Quinn (Meinerz) on the right side too. But I think the reality is we have got to find ways to win these games. It has been five or six games or so that are one-score games. I have got to find a way for us to get two more touchdowns. I think we have got to find a way to get two more touchdowns. I think we were able to do that in London, but we didn't do it tonight. As tough as the game was, as physical as it was, we were able to get the first down in the fourth-and-six or whatever it was when I ran it to the left, and that was big. We were moving the ball down the field and we thought we were going to win it, and then I got sacked and then it was fourth-and-long, and they went offsides, and on that last play we almost had it, but I got hit right when I threw it, but I've got to be able to make that. I've got to be able to find a way to make that. It is disappointing because I really believe in who we are, the guys that we have and as frustrating as this has been, to see guys like (Jalen) Virgil step in. Obviously the first play of the game, (Jerry) Jeudy unfortunately goes down. He was going to be wide open on that but hurt his ankle or whatever it was. It's been tough but we are not going to give up and that's for sure. We know that as tough as it has been and as good as we should be, even though we have lost a lot of great players this season really, the reality is that we still have opportunities to answer these moments. I am going to do everything that I can to find a way to answer those moments coming forward. We've still got games left. We still have moments where we can be better. The next thing we can do is focus on the next moment.

How do you feel following the six sacks and 20 hits?

It was definitely a physical game. When your starting right tackle goes down and you have guys step in, Quinn (Meinerz) I thought battled. Luke (Wattenberg) tried to battle too. It was physical for sure. There were a lot of times we got hit there, but in reality it is a physical game and you knew they were going to be physical. The Titans are a good football team, and you know it was going to be a battle. I believe in all these guys. I was telling the guys on the last drive before we went out there, all the O-linemen, all the tight ends and receivers and everybody, we can do this. We are going to do this, and we almost did. We tried to make a play on fourth down and it didn't work. Physically, I am good.

How does this impact things when you have some many guys down so early?

It has been kind of crazy just to see some of our guys go down. We've got some world class players that we don't have out there but the good thing is that Courtland (Sutton) keeps leading them. Kendall Hinton with his ability to step up and step it today was amazing. I have all the confidence in the world in him. He is a world class athlete too and he made some great plays today. Guys like (Jalen)Virgil like I mentioned. He has been working his butt of every day and finally got his chance. So as dark as it has been, as tough as it has been, I know there is light on the other side of the tunnel, so the reality for us is we've got games left. We got something to play for. We got to play for each other, we have got to play for this team as a whole. We got to play for Bronco Country and play for just the pride. We got to bring it and we got to bring it every day. It is disappointing that we know that as much as we are working our butts off, we all have got to be better at it. I'll do whatever it takes. I'll try to run for it, throw it, move around, whatever. We have got to win these games. That's the expectation. That's the expectation to win games and to find ways to do it. We are not meeting that yet, but we are going to. We have to. I am not going to blink on that.

Are you surprised you are playing for pride right now?

You are always playing for that. It's a team, and guys get there early, putting the work in and everything else, you're always playing for pride and respect through the game. I think the thing is human nature tells you to start relaxing and giving in when it is tough. I am not going to allow that to happen here. Courtland (Sutton) talked to the team too. We are not going to allow that to happen. We are not going to up or give in. That is not an option. So, the only thing I know is the guys in there is to keep believing and keep working. The crazy thing about it is that is a playoff football team we played, and we should be one too, but we haven't played like it at all. As much as we have lost guys going down and everything else, we still can battle against some of the best. So, what we have to do is understand to keep developing the young guys like Jalen (Virgil), and I think Kendall (Hinton) is such a special guy, and guys up front, like I said, Luke (Wattenberg) had to play obviously quite a bit here so sometimes your name is called, and we got to go. So that is where these guys' growth is going to happen. We are going to do everything we can to make sure that happens.

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