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QB Patrick Mahomes


Q: Patrick what did you see on the touchdown run and then the two-point conversion?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, I mean they had good plans. They did a good job – the touchdown run I probably could've just thrown it to JuJu (Smith-Schuster) but I had like fully committed to run at that point. But yeah, I mean we were just battling at the end of the game. We were just trying to find a way to win, and our defense kept us in the game long enough to do that."

Q: On the third and seventeen when you initially committed to run did you feel like you saw a lane to get the first down or what did you see there?

MAHOMES: "I definitely saw a lane to get it close enough that I thought we'd be able to go for it. When you're in that situation you know that if you can get it to a fourth-and-five, fourth-and-four, (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid's probably going to give you a chance there and then as I was running, I felt the – I think it was the safety- kind of over-pursuing so I kind of shot my shot and went out there. I actually tried to get outside again which didn't work out for me, I'm not fast enough. But it was a good play and like I said we just battled at the end of the day. It wasn't like we were designing it up we were just going out there and trying to make some stuff happen."

Q: Was the over pursuit the key to you being able to make it happen?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, maybe to get the first down. I mean I don't run a lot. Most times (that) I run I slide and then when you kind of get in those 'end of the game' situations you have to try to just go out there and make it happen and I was able to make it happen in that moment but like I said everybody battled and we were able to get the win"

Q: On the overtime play with Travis Kelce. Can you talk through what you saw?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, I mean it was really my fault I threw it so late anyways. If you're talking about the deep crosser one, he's the first read but how they were playing I thought they were going to kind of double him so I looked to Skyy (Moore) and they went with Skyy and so I threw it late and that's what makes Travis (Kelce) so great is I threw it late - he probably had a chance to get picked - but he came back to the ball and made a big time catch and for him to still be out there it's like every single play and battling, it was a big time game for him and he made a lot of big plays there at the end."

Q: You threw nearly 70 passes today, was it a flash back to Texas Tech?

MAHOMES: "I did not know I threw that many but yeah at Texas Tech I threw a couple (laughter) so I knew I'm able to do it. Obviously, we want to try to get the run game going as the season goes on and kind of stay more balanced but that's a good defensive line and they were doing a good job of stopping that and (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid kind of put it in my hands to go out there and try to make some stuff happen and it looked bad there for about two and half quarters, three quarters but we were able to make it happen there at the end."

Q: On targeting Noah Gray and his progression this season.

MAHOMES: "It's funny. I think I said it in training camp, I feel like I don't target Noah (Gray) enough because a lot of times plays are called either too him or he's one of the options I can give him a chance on and it seems like I don't throw it to him and he's always open and so as the season's going on and as our careers go on I want to give him more and more chances because I think he can be a big part of this offense. That whole tight end room has been great for us this season. But for him to make that catch in that moment - I mean that was a tough catch that he made, that was a big one for us. That was probably the reason that we were able to get down there and win."

Q: What were your thoughts on Kadarius Toney's performance tonight coming in last week to the offense?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, I think he did a good job. Obviously, we couldn't throw too much at him but whenever he was in the game he was playing hard, he was getting open. We gave him a couple option routes; you saw he got open there, and as he gets more and more accustomed with the offense, we'll keep adding him here and there and make our offense even better and that's the good thing about having so many receivers like we do is you don't know where it's going to come from and I've said that since the beginning. (When) Travis is having good games and other guys are stepping up and making plays, we're a hard offense to stop."

Q: How physical was this game?

MAHOMES: "Yeah it was a battle. I already texted Bobby Stroupe, my trainer, and said, "I'm not coming in tomorrow," No, it's a battle. You know going into this game against this team it's always going to be a battle, it's going to be a fight. I'm proud of the way our guys responded and made it happen there in that second half because for a time – like I said, for a time it looked bad and so you got to win games different ways in this league and I'm glad our defense stepped up and made the plays that they played because we're going to need them as the season goes on and keep us in games and give us chances."

Q: Is it more rewarding to win a game that's so hard fought like this?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, I mean the battle, these are the playoff games. These are games you're going to need if you want to try to win the Super Bowl. Obviously, we want to be that high flying, scoring every time we're out there on the field (offense) but I think with the schedule that we've played we've won all different type of ways against a lot of great football teams so we show that we can do it in different ways, but we have to keep it going. We got to keep building (and) keep getting better, offense, defense, special teams and try to prepare ourselves to go out there and win the AFC West."

Q: On the rivalry between the Chiefs and Titans?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, we're going to see this team a lot. I mean, they're well coached. (Titans Head Coach Mike) Vrabel's a heck of a coach. They have a lot of great players, and they bring a physicality to the game and we're not going to back down from anybody and so I'm glad with the way our guys responded and we went out there and battled to the very end and got the win."

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