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QB Matt Barkley


(on what he saw on the play Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan intercepted his pass)

It was one of those plays where it's a timing route. I planted my foot in the ground and turned my head ready to throw the ball, expecting those back peers to be up in the rush. I looked low and didn't see anyone there, so I assumed they were caught up in the mix so that as I'm releasing it, you just know it's not going to be good. That was one of those plays where you wish you could have back. When you just trust those balls sometimes thrown to that spot on play action. Yeah, I wish I could have that one back.

(on having scoring drives in every preseason game and how to improve)

I think I've done a lot of good things and things to improve on. As I progress in this offense, and still learning every day, I think I have a lot of good things ahead. I think I've shown this staff at least what I'm capable of and now it's just a matter of being consistent in the future.

(on alternating with quarterback Logan Woodside and being challenging to find a rhythm)

It's a tough rotation to get into rhythm. Half and half is a little easier, at least to put a few drives together at least, but that sounds like an excuse. There's nothing you can do other than go out and be ready to play.

(on if special teams Craig Aukerman spoke to the team and what he was like in Head Coach Mike Vrabel's role)

Yeah, he briefly got the team together, gave a little rah-rah, and we were good to go.

(on if being designated the starter tonight was a testament to his play and his feelings about his overall performance)

Potentially. I don't know. We've been kind of going back and forth this camp, so read into that what you want. I thought I did some good things. Again, I wish a few plays I could have had back tonight. Sometimes there's just games like that but again, as long as I keep building, I think I'll be in a good place.

(on how he handles the impending roster decisions)

Yeah, it's up in the air for a lot of guys. You've just got to stay confident in who you are no matter what happens, and I guess believe in yourself.

(on the receivers and his impression of that group)

They've been doing a good job. I think the challenge has just been to learn the timing because this offense is so timing-based with the reps that we run and the steps. Some of them run at different depths, and so just learning their individual characteristics of how they run those routes is a challenge when you're just thrown in right away. That was one area where I wanted to grow in and to get more comfortable with. I thought I was starting to do that, but again that just comes with timing and reps.

(on if quarterback Ryan Tannehill's return stalling a decision being made between him and Logan Woodside can making for a long week)

I think you answered that. I don't know, I guess, any more than you guys do. I'm just kind of waiting.

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