QB Matt Barkley

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Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021

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(On quarterback rotation)

"Going in, we knew that it would be a 'two-on, two-out' [rotation], rep-scheme or drive-scheme. Having that knowledge going in helped frame getting into a rhythm because sometimes, that's hard. But, it was kind of easier because you kind of stay warm throughout the whole game rather than nothing in the first half and then coming in kind of dry from warm-ups. We made it work, I thought [quarterback] Logan [Woodside] and I did a pretty good job."

(On getting reps and making the team)

"Yeah, especially with seeing [quarterback] Ryan [Tannehill], that helps [quarterback] Logan [Woodside] and I get our reps however it is split up. At practice, [Tannehill's] obviously taking all the reps with the ones and getting those reps. A lot of the work is mental work. Making sure you're taking mental reps when [Tannehill] is in, and when Logan [Woodside] is in, even. Just trying to make the most of every single play, whether you're in or not."

(On if quarterbacks are able to get comfortable in an offense)

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure [Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback] Tom Brady was comfortable with New England after twenty years. It's like speaking a second language. It comes with time; just reps. I'm not there yet, but I will be. I think I'll make strides this year, as you grow with all the different checks and ways that you can handle the offense. That just happens with time."