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QB Malik Willis


Do you bounce back from things and learn series to series?

That's what I'm trying to do. We come off the field and talk to Tim (Kelly) and Charles (London). We try to figure out what they're trying to do to us, we try to figure out what we're trying to do the next drive and understand that we can keep working through it, and we can come back.

You got a lot of work in the preseason, all three games. How do you feel like that helped you progress as a quarterback?

I think it was cool to just get back out there with pads on and being in a live game situations, understanding that we just got to keep converting and getting first downs, understanding when we need to take the loss and punt, just to keep figuring things out.

Can you walk us through the touchdown to Kearis (Jackson)?

Initially he wasn't open. I scrambled out to the right and found him in the back of the end zone.

Do you feel like you have done a better job of putting bad plays behind you?

More than anything, you just want to try to be perfect. I was trying to be perfect, and you can't be perfect. It's not a perfect game. And you understand the people on defense get paid too, and it's going to be about who continues to keep going after the mistakes and who fights for the longest and the hardest.

How much do you enjoy that time in the huddle on long drives as you're marching down the field?

It's awesome because you see those guys want to finish it out. You see those guys want to fight. You see the defense getting tired and you just try to do your best to let those guys know "Hey, let's do this. Let's finish this off. Let's get points here."

How much has the offensive line improved during the last three weeks?

Oh, they've grown leaps and bounds. That's just the hard work they've put in, watching the film, correcting it and just staying on the same page and continuing to stay positive and keep working.

Is the pass you threw to (Julius) Chestnut an example of a play where last year you might've took off and run with it but instead you kept your eyes down the field and found him open in the end zone?

I'm not sure I would compare it to last year. We've got a new offense, but I think in that situation, if I had somebody, slightly covered, I might have took off if I saw it was man coverage. But, like Julius (Chestnut) on that? No, he's been making good catches for us. So, I gave him an opportunity.

What would you say has been your biggest area improvement that you're most proud of?

I think the most important thing has been really figuring out those mistakes and trying to correct them, and not taking weeks and months to correct something. Maybe taking a few moments and understand what's trying to get put towards me and how can I fix it.

Do you have to have a short-term memory at your position?

A short-term memory, for sure. Each play really, because you can't worry about the last play and execute the play that you're in right now.

Is that something you've had to work on? Or is that something you've always had?

It's something I've had to work on.

Are you pleased with the preseason overall?

I think there's a lot of stuff to clean up. I think there's a lot of work. I'm proud of the guys and the way they fought throughout the whole preseason. Guys down and other guys stepping up, I think it's been awesome that people got opportunities. It's just been cool.

What kind of things did you do to work on short term memory and putting those mistakes behind you? What does that process look like from draft day to the league today?

Time. That's all. More than anything, just time and understanding what this league is about.

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