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QB Malik Willis


Q: What is the overall feeling as you leave here tonight?

WILLIS: "I am just proud of the guys and the way they fought. That is more than an exceptional way to come back in a game like that. I know we were up and they came back, but we just didn't give up regardless of the situation. I am just super proud of those guys. I am proud of the way we responded. We didn't come out on top this time, but it is just something to learn from. It is a feeling that we don't want to go back to, but it was cool to see those guys fight."

Q: Did you feel more comfortable from one week to the next?

WILLIS: "I am just blessed to be in this game. I am super appreciative of the ability that God blessed me with to go out there and have fun with it. The confidence that those guys show in me, it just gives me so much juice. It helps me continue to try to get better every day."

Q: How did you like this setup to get you moving more this week?

WILLIS: "I am just trying to execute the play to the best of my ability. That is all."

Q: Can you beat the Chiefs with this pass completion?

WILLIS: "I don't know. We almost did. It was not really about that. It was about we were doing and what was working. We were getting points on drives, and we were finding ways to do it whether it was in the run game or the pass game. I don't mean to be disrespectful in any kind of way about it, but we try to find ways to win. I just do what I am told."

Q: What was the feeling in overtime when you knew you had to get a touchdown to win?

WILLIS: "We were just super juiced for the defense. We were appreciative that they got the stop and we had opportunity. We didn't maximize the opportunity, but it is the way the game goes. It is football. You win some and you lose some. It was not the way we wanted it to end."

Q: Why do you think the offense slowed down after halftime?

WILLIS: "I think we have to go watch the film and try to figure that out."

Q: How much more comfortable do you feel now in your second start?

WILLIS: "I am just trying to go have fun. I felt a little bit more comfortable since I have seen it last week. That was my first time, but I just tried to go out there and be the best I could be."

Q: When you were scrambling in overtime avoiding sacks, what was going through your head?

WILLIS: "I hope someone gets open soon. I can't keep doing this."

Q: How do you keep from getting frustrated when some balls are not caught?

WILLIS: "It is a team sport. I miss throws sometimes. I can't be mad if someone doesn't make a play. We are not perfect. We all make plays, and we all miss plays. It is the way the game goes. You can't be mad at them because of that. We are one team, and if I did that, that is disrespectful and just arrogant. I make mistakes as well."

Q: What did you think about the experience here at Arrowhead?

WILLIS: "It was cool. They were turned up. That was my first time experiencing something like that. I come from a small school, but it was cool."

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