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QB Malik Willis


What do you think, Malik, in terms of progress that you might have made tonight from the first two preseason games? How would you evaluate it?

I think it was probably like a B-. It was better than the first couple of preseason games, just as far as me sitting in the pocket and just trying to take what the defense is giving me, even though we didn't convert a couple of third downs just because they weren't giving us those third-and-long looks. So just check down a couple of times and I just took off and slid for whatever we could get to the point.

Could you take us through that touchdown to (Treylon) Burks and just like what was different from last week to this week because you had a similar look last week, but we weren't able to get him the football.

Those are two different plays, but I just tried to replace where the pressure was coming from. They had brought the nickel from that side, so I just put my eyes over there first and he popped open before I got hit. I just trusted in him and he took it the house.

How much have things maybe slowed down from the first start in Baltimore and how much more comfortable do you feel out there now?

I'm just trying to take it week by week, you know? It's preseason, so you can't put too much value into that. You've just got to take these opportunities as they come and just continue to try to progress from each practice to each opportunity you get to go out there on the field.

Is that the kind of thing you like to try to do now Malik is move up in the pocket? Keep the eyes downfield and you still see your receiver?

Yeah, the end of the day, for as long as possible, I want to remain a passer and that's why it was so frustrating about the first two games. I think I wasn't remaining a passer as long as I wanted to, which is not allowing people to get open downfield and just having people come up early and that's just not what we want.

You had a third down to Mason (Kinsey), the ball came out fast. Did you feel like you were making progress? As the game went the ball came out faster and faster?

I just thank God that I got to go out there and just have another opportunity to improve on things where I might have missed last game, or I might have missed the game before that game. And it's just continuing to try to take that progress and implement it where I can when those situations come around because they're going to forever come around. That's just what the game is. It's just that understanding, 'OK, I missed this protection and I didn't check the routes,' or 'I checked the routes and I missed the protection and I looked to the wrong side,' or just understanding this next level and being able to put myself in a position to be successful.

What can you take away from Logan (Woodside) sitting over there for 3 hours and then coming out and winning the game?

That was tough. I was hyped. I was too – I was hyped for him. I was turned up. I was probably the biggest fan at that moment. He had me super excited about it. That's my dog there so I was just turnt for him, man.

Malik, what have you maybe learned about Treylon (Burks) since you've been teammates with him and how good was this to see him come back in the game and score?

Man, he worked his butt off. No matter what people say he comes every day to work. He just continues to try to progress just like I am. He's continuing to go at it. He messes up, its whatever. Just go, learn from it, and keep going and he's just going to make plays whenever you give him the ball. I'm excited for him.

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