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QB Logan Woodside


(on if tonight's game was an opportunity to make a last statement)

Yeah, I think so. One thing is that I just tried to give everything I had out there tonight. Just try to be with the guys and try to lead them down the field and score points. That was the main thing for me.

(on if it was hard to get into rhythm with the quarterback rotation)

Not necessarily. I think it is just – you know, I am taking the opportunities that I get. We get to alternate two series, so I am just going to take that with everything I've got and try to run with it. Just try to make the plays when I get in there and lead the offense.

(on if it hurt any momentum not being the starter)

Not really, I just tried to focus on what I could control. Obviously had started the last two preseason games. Matt (Barkley) has been doing really well, so it was his turn to get out there and start. So, when I have my opportunity, I try to go out there and make the most of it.

(on the pressure he felt on the turnover)

Yeah, I was trying to hit a route out there to the left, the left end got me there. I probably could have tried to step out of the pocket a little more, but I think I have done a better job of seeing the pressure coming, trying to get in the right protections. I think you really only get that from game-like experience. You see it in practice a lot, but until you get out there and you are getting hit and seeing it on the sideline, I think I have tried to do a better job of that for sure.

(on how better prepared he is this year)

I feel really prepared. I have tried to take these last couple of years and try to get under Ryan (Tannehill)'s wing and see how he prepares and see how he acts out there on the field and try to emulate that into my game, but compared to two preseasons ago, I feel I am light years ahead of where I was. I feel like I am still getting better, still have a lot to prove and be able to get a lot better as well.

(on if he has talked with Ryan Tannehill)

Yeah, absolutely, he sent me a text before the game and you know he has been great. He has been a true pro, someone that I truly look up to. He does it the right way and he is always going to be there for me if I do something good, but for sure if I do something bad as well, he is there.

(on the competition among the receivers)

I think the receivers have done a great job all camp. A lot of guys have showed up and shined. With some of the other receivers hurt, it has given other guys big opportunities. Just try to build that rhythm in practice and when they come out in games just be second nature, but I think they have done a great job competing and attacking the football for sure.

(on how tough he thinks executive vice president/general manager Jon Robinson's decisions will be on deciding the roster)

That's Jon (Robinson)'s job. You know, that's what he signed up for.

(on if it is a big change now that camp in over)

Not necessarily. I think obviously the preseason is over so now we are getting ready to go on to Arizona. We have already looked at Arizona a little bit. I think just for me, I want to go and watch the tape and see how I can improve and see what happens over the next few days.

(on how he thought John Streicher fared in his expanded role)

Stretch (John Streicher) did an awesome job tonight. He threw the challenge flag and got that overturned. I think he did a good job with the cards he was dealt with tonight. I was proud of Stretch, like Stretch.

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