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QB Lamar Jackson


Q. Lamar, what did you make of the atmosphere from the British fans?

LAMAR JACKSON: It was phenomenal. The atmosphere was crazy. I think I heard a lot of Ravens fans in the crowd. Even though it was a Tennessee home game, I believe our fans went crazy. That's what I believe. Great atmosphere.

Q. (On Zay Flowers):

LAMAR JACKSON: Actually, that's funny. His brother was great; great when we were little kids, even high school. Used to call his brother Joystick. I told him, 'You're going to have to steal that name. You're in the league. You got to take that name from him.'

Q. I know you'll take wins however they come. What was kind of the frustration level in the red zone? First three weeks we were talking about how you were almost automatic. Today 1 for 6 in the red zone.

LAMAR JACKSON: That's what it was. You guys hyping it up a little bit, chased us a little bit. Just keep it down a little bit when we're having so much success in the red zone.

We just have to find a way, lock in more. We do a great job driving the ball down the field, but it's like every time we get there, it's like we're just kicking field goals … We don't need that. Protect the ball.

The biggest emphasis was we caught the ball this week; we drove the ball down the field, we protected it except for that one interception. We got to punch it in. That's going to help out defense out a lot. They're doing a great job protecting us.

Q. (On Tennessee's defense)

LAMAR JACKSON: The defense is pretty great. They weren't giving us no real chances of making passes. They played great. I wasn't trying to run the ball. It was what it was. We still finished with the field goals.

Q. After spending the week in London, how did you feel entering this game? How did you feel the guys were entering this game? Did you feel like it was a good decision in the end?

LAMAR JACKSON: I believe it was a great decision for us to be out here early instead of us coming out here last-minute, trying to let our bodies cope with what is going on with the atmosphere, time and stuff like that. A great decision by coaches.

Q. You were up 15 at halftime, then they got going a little bit. How did you as a team prevent 'here we go again' from seeping in? What was the key to turning the momentum back in your favor?

LAMAR JACKSON: Just locking in. They got that turnover. Like I said, they got that turnover. Zero made a heck of a catch. They got that turnover. They had momentum. They drove the ball down, ended up scoring a field goal, I believe.

Our job was to stay locked in, don't let that overwhelm us. Keep staying locked in, try to drive the ball down the field, make something happen.

Q. Your coach described your performance as one of the most courageous he's seen from you so far. What does it mean when your coach says something like that?

LAMAR JACKSON: That means a lot coming from my head coach, definitely. How far we can go this season? The sky's the limit, as I've been saying all season. But we have to finish in the end zone. We need to find a way to score points. I believe that's what is slowing us down.

We drive the field, no problem, happening every game, but the red zone part, the black zone, we need to find a way to punch it in. We'll go from there.

Q. The game is becoming more global, stars are increasing their profiles overseas, especially in your position. How important is it for you to come over here and put on a show for the fans?

LAMAR JACKSON: It was our job to put on a show for the fans because basketball has been taking over, soccer, football has been taking over. But to have the American football put on a great show for the fans, people at home, it was tremendous. It was our job to do. I believe we did quite a good job today.

Appreciate y'all.

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