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QB Lamar Jackson


Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020

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(on the team's frustration level) "We just had two losses in a row; games that we should've won. We had little hiccups in the game, but we still have to keep fighting through it. That team … It looked like that team wanted it more than us. They were playing physical. When we went up, I felt like we just took our foot off the gas. But we just have to keep it going for the team."

(on if he felt there were any missed opportunities offensively when the Titans settled for field goals) "We have to finish drives. We're driving the ball down the field. We just have to stop putting [Justin] Tucker out there; we have to punch it in. When we get inside the red zone, or the high red zone, we just have to finish and stop putting our defense out there."

(on what happened on the last series in overtime) "They did play-action. I got my head up. One of my receivers got bunched off the line. They dropped to that spot. I tried to make [No.] '98' [Jeffery Simmons] miss. [He] just grabbed me; I couldn't get out of it. Two guys were just on my legs."

(on why it seems that he has chemistry with TE Mark Andrews but not WR Marquise Brown) "You know, [Marquise] 'Hollywood' [Brown] is a big threat, too, as well. Some looks, it's just not going to be a good look for him. But we're good. We're good. It starts at practice."

(on what he can say to the locker room to be a leader) "Just focus. Keep our heads up. We were in worse situations my rookie year, and we turned the season around. People were doubting us then. I feel like people want us to lose, but we just have to bounce back. We're good. It's going to be a rival game come Thursday, and we'll turn up then."

(on giving the pre-game speech and if he feels a sense of urgency to take on some leadership) "Yes, of course. [Pernell] McPhee was telling me since Week 1 that he wanted me to do a speech before the game. Me, I'm not really a vocal leader; I probably lead by example nine times out of 10. But I just felt like the time was right. I felt like we were doing pretty good, but we just have to finish. We shouldn't be in overtime. We have to finish drives."

(on WR Marquise Brown not having many receptions over the last few games) "He's good. We're good. He just has to get the ball. We just have to give him opportunities to catch the ball; give him little quick gains here and there. The defense is already playing back off of him. We just have to get him opportunities and let him do his thing. That's why they call him 'Primetime Jet.'"

(on his thoughts on WR Dez Bryant having his first catches in a game since 2017) "It was pretty good. We gained yards. [We] gained, like, five yards on each catch, I'd say. He did pretty good. We just have to keep putting him in [and] keep putting him in the game."

(on what he saw on the interception) "I was just giving [Devin Duvernay] an opportunity. [I was] giving my receiver an opportunity. I could've thrown a better ball, but I was just giving him an opportunity. We were up in the game. I didn't put them in the red zone or anything like that. But it is what it is. I can't do anything about it. I can't take it back. I wish I [could] though, but I can't."

(on bumping into CB Malcolm Butler after the TE Mark Andrews touchdown and if the game was more heated than normal) "Actually, he came back to me and told me I had bumped him on the touchdown – I didn't know. I was excited because we scored. But the game was physical, definitely. They were talking trash. As soon as the game started, our guys were talking trash back, but it's football."

(on if the team knew head coach John Harbaugh was at midfield in the pre-game getting into it with some Titans players) "I wasn't there. I was inside when that happened. I didn't know." (Reporter: "I was going to ask you did word trickle to the players that that happened? And what does that say? Did you guys take any message from that?") "No, I didn't hear anything about that. We just found out after the game."

(on the false start on the third-and-short) "I don't know what happened. Nobody jumped that I know of. I had my head down trying to get the first down; I can't really look and know what happened. But we came back and asked the guys. The guys said they didn't jump, and they don't know what happened. So, I'm with my guys. It is what it is."

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