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QB Justin Herbert


Two for 14 on third down today. What did you see as some of the issues for you guys on third down?

Just have to capitalize on third down, it's up to us as an offense to execute better. So, we are going to have to watch film and do better at that.

Can you pinpoint anything specifically on those third downs? Brandon (Staley) mentioned that there could have been some pass protection issues, but anything from your perspective?

I would have to check the film on that. Obviously, it's not what we were hoping for, we are aiming to be higher and better than that. So that's our responsibility as an offense to be better than that. That's something we will have to focus on this week at practice.

How much of a challenge was their front? Obviously, we talked about that coming into the game. Brandon mentioned especially Jeffrey Simmons up there, but just how much of a challenge was it dealing with that?

They're very good. They're a good defense. They have a good front seven. It was up to us to have a good plan and we didn't execute. So that's on us as an offense and we have to be better because of it.

As one of the leaders on the team, what would you say after two loses by 5 points.

It's part of the NFL. Obviously, you never want to be in this position, but I know that we got the right guys in that locker room, we are going to stay together and stay tough and really get this thing going because it's a long season. There's a lot of football left. We're not where we want to be right now, but that doesn't mean that we can't get there in a couple of weeks.

The three-and-out in overtime. Anything specifically that you felt went wrong there for you guys?

Probably the three incompletions.

Any reason for the incompletions?

Just didn't execute so it's on us as an offense to be able to complete the ball. That's on me as a quarterback to be able to complete the ball.

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