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QB Justin Herbert


On the offense's performance today:

"It wasn't easy for us today out there. Unfortunately, we didn't put up enough points to really give our defense a shot. I have so much respect for our defense for coming up with big stops all game long and they played their tails off. They did an incredible job. We have to be better as an offense."

On communicating with the defense throughout the game:

"I think that is just something that we kind of always do after every drive. They have done such a great job battling all day and we didn't put up as many points as we would have liked to, and so going over to them and just telling them, 'Hey, keep doing a great job. You guys are fighting. We'll get it figured out as an offense.' It was good for us to be able to drive down there at the end."

On if the game-winning drive 'was a manifestation of him being more comfortable in those types of situations':

"I would have loved to have the game go a different way and not to have to be in that situation. Like you mentioned, that is one of those things that we have been through and we have practiced that. We have practiced two-minute drives all of the time in practice and all throughout camp. We know that we have special receivers, a great offensive line blocking and [WR] Mike Williams goes and make the plays. To be able to go through that and deal with as much adversity as we did today and not be able to score points and turnovers and things like that, for those guys to hang tough, believe in the defense and believe in each other, it was really good to see for us."

On sitting at sixth in the AFC playoff seeding following today's win:

"I think it's a great opportunity for us to keep playing football. There is a lot of football left. We're in a position where if we just attack week by week, we'll see what happens. Guys are excited to get back after it. They are going to get their bodies back. We'll watch the film tomorrow and we'll address what went wrong today. Just to hang tough and be able to win a game like that, especially in December, it's good to see from us."

On WR Mike Williams and his performance today:

"He is just a special athlete and he wants nothing but the best for this team. To have a guy like that, a competitor, an athlete, a teammate like that in the locker room, we're better off because of him. When we get drives like that and we don't have any timeouts and we have to make a play, Mike [Williams], [WR] Keenan [Allen], those guys are there to make them happen."

On if he 'feels any pressure' in two-minute drills:

"I think it's just one of those things that experience is the best teacher and having gone through that and being able to rep it and knowing that you have the guys around you to make plays. [C] Corey Linsley is leading that offensive line and they are going to give me enough time to get the ball off. If all else fails, find [RB] Austin Ekeler and getting out of bounds. Just experiences and knowing that we are going to call the right plays and we're going to get the ball moving."

On 'how he was able to put his early game struggles behind him':

"That's the tough part about the NFL. We would have loved to have it gone another way. We would have loved to put up a bunch more points. We didn't play well as an offense and it starts with me. Can't turn over the ball like that. I have so much respect for the defense for coming up with stops like that. It starts tomorrow. Watching the film and getting better and picking up where we left off because as an offense, we can do a lot better."

On if he was 'thinking about overtime' when the Titans tied the game in the fourth quarter:

"I think with as much time as we had, the plan was just to be able to go down and score and get to the 35-yard line for [K] Cameron [Dicker]. The special teams did a great job all day long and the defense did a great job, too. It was good to see for those guys."

On if having Dicker 'makes it easier' in late-game situations:

"For sure. He has done such an incredible job and even in practice. We have so much confidence in him. The way he stepped in, has made his kicks and the way he has gone about it is a true professional. We trust him and it was really good to see from him today."

On ball placement to WR Mike Williams in the last drive of the game:

"I think the biggest thing is Mike [Williams] was aware of the situation. He kind of pointed up like he wanted a jump ball. And so, I was able to lock eyes with him and the defender, his eyes were on Mike and not on me. If you are able to put it anywhere around him, Mike has the advantage of being able to kind of move and pick it up and the defender is not being able to see it. Having a big target like Mike, knowing that he is going to the sideline, and you can really put it anywhere around the defender, he's going to go up and get it. To have a guy like Mike making those catches, he has done a fantastic job all year."

On WR Keenan Allen's 31-yard reception and RB Austin Ekeler's two rushes that set up his rushing touchdown and what it meant to the offense:

"We just have to stay patient. It didn't go our way early on in the game and I turned the ball over a couple of times and we would love to have those back, but you have to stay at it. You have to keep pushing the ball down field and trusting the guys around you and know that Keenan [Allen] is going to make a play happen, Austin with an incredible 12-yard run there. You just have to stay together. There was no flinching, no doubt by our team, especially as an offense. It went our way after that."

On the remaining three opponents not being teams who currently hold a spot in the playoffs:

"I think it is truly week-by-week. Whoever we are playing this week, I think it is the Colts, they are going to require all of our attention because they are a really good football team, as well. We have to have a great protection plan, great preparation all week to have any chance on Monday because they are a really good football team."

On if 'staying at it encapsulates quarterback play':

"I think it does. I think when you deal with adversity, you never want to get too high and you never want to get too low. Things seemed like they were pretty low at times. We are turning the ball over and we're not moving the ball as much as we want on offense, but there was no flinch. There was no doubt by our team, like I mentioned, and those guys knew that if we were going to get another opportunity to be able to drive the ball down the field, that we would be able to convert. To have that offensive line, the receivers, the tight ends, did a great job battling all day."

On WR Mike Williams describing the locker room after the game as 'turnt':

"He does a great job with descriptions, so I would have to agree with him [laughter]."

On if there will be a 'Christmas Victory Brisket':

"I guess that's about that time of the year [laughter]. That's something that we can look forward to, I guess."

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