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QB Justin Fields


(on not running a high number of plays in the first half)

Yeah, I think the time of possession that the Titans had was crazy, so the offense wasn't able to get on the field as much as we wanted to. But when we did, we just wanted to take every opportunity we got to try to put the ball in the end zone so it was good we got that last two-minute drive in and scored a touchdown.

(on facing some of the Titans starters and feeling an upgrade in competition)

I think the Titans are a great team. Of course, they have been known for their defense for a long time. Coach (Mike) Vrabel does a great job over there, and they have a lot of great athletes on their side of the ball.

(on what gave him the confidence to make the touchdown throw)

Once you just rep it in practice, it comes with repetition and just throwing on the run, indy drills and stuff like that. Of course, me being a mobile quarterback, I have to be able to make a throw like that when I'm a threat to the defense to run or pass.

(on if that is something a quarterback has to develop a special talent for)

I feel like I do it well. I've been doing it for a long time so I'm just going to keep getting better at it, and hopefully keep making plays like I did today.

(on the key to placing the ball in a spot where it is either caught or draws a penalty)

Yeah, that was another play where the defender's back was turned, and in that situation, Cover 1, you're going to see a lot of man in preseason, and in that situation, you just want to put the ball where of course Jesper (Horstead) can get it, or nobody (can). So that's what I did, and they threw a flag on the play.

(on how challenging it is now to get better without any more preseason reps)

It's not challenging, I'm not worried about that. Just have to take advantage of every practice rep I get. I can't be defeated by, 'There's no more preseason games.' Just every rep in practice, and every play I get, I've got to treat it like a game and get better on that play.

(on what it's like not knowing when his next start will be)

Just take it day-by-day. Don't worry about the future, because honestly, we don't know how long we are going to be on this earth. I'm just taking it day-by-day. Taking it every practice, and every play in practice, just focus on that play and just get better.

(on what he needs to do in order to get ready to start in the NFL)

I think every aspect I need to improve in. I'll probably say that for the rest of my playing career, but I think there is always room to improve, so I'm just going to try to get better each and every day.

(on if he feels more ready to play after these three preseason games)

Of course, I feel if you are going to play in a game, you should feel more ready than just playing in preseason games, for sure.

(on striking a balance between taking chances with throwing in a tight window and being careful about throwing an interception)

Of course, it is 'situationally' knowing the situation. Two-minute drill you want points on the board, it's that certain play. In that particular play, the defender's back was turned, so in that situation you want to put the ball where your receiver can get it, or it's going to be an incomplete pass. I think those are the things you have to look at when deciphering whether to tuck it and run or just throw the ball away.

(on his rookie training camp and preseason)

I feel great about it. I felt like I got better each and every day, so I'm just going to stick to that plan and try to keep on improving.

(on his ability to be a mobile quarterback and the asset that is)

I feel like I've had great coaches in the past that have taught me. I have a great throwing ability, have a great running ability to make the defense more stressed. If you're out of the pocket, keeping your eyes downfield will definitely give your receivers more time to get open, and it's definitely harder for the DBs to cover for that long. Being able to keep your eyes downfield when you're moving around in the pocket and scrambling definitely gives your offense a better chance at being successful on that certain play.

(on what Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy said to him after executing the two-minute offense)

He just said, 'Good job.' I think Coach (Matt) Nagy just expects that from us, so of course he was excited. He expects us to execute the two-minute drive because we do it countless times throughout the week. We just try to put ourselves, in practice, put ourselves in game situations where we practice those situations. Of course, one popped up today at the end of the second quarter and we executed.

(on being excited to start tonight's game)

Of course I was excited. But me, I try to stay more even-keeled throughout the game so that's just the kind of personality that I have.

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