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QB Joshua Dobbs


Q. Do you feel like your arm was going forward when you let go of the ball that was ruled a fumble?

JOSHUA DOBBS: I did. Obviously when you're away they're not going to show the replay, so we didn't get a chance to see it. I felt like it was going forward, but the ref has to make a call. Personally, I wish I got the ball off a little quicker. I know it was a big third down in the game and we were up; trying to get the ball to Treylon [Burks]; let him work in man-to-man coverage. Yeah, I just got to get the ball out a little bit quicker, feel that rush, especially at that point of the game, and keep us in a better situation.

Q. How surprising was that blitz on the fumble?

JOSHUA DOBBS: You know, we were doing really well on third downs and fourth downs throughout the game, especially early, so we knew they would get more aggressive. The O-line (offensive line) was doing a good job picking it up, and we were doing a good job, the receivers were doing a good job getting to the open areas so I could get the ball out of my hand quickly. I had to take an extra hit, just man coverage. They got a win and hats off to them for making a great play in a big moment of the game.

Q. The interception, was that under-throwing on your part?

JOSHUA DOBBS: Yeah, we were trying to take a shot on third and long. Treylon ended up running by him and I was trying to give him a chance to go up and make a play. As I said, it's a critical situation when you turnover the ball. Defense did a good job getting off the field right after, so we still felt good about the situation. But, yeah, I think obviously when you get here two weeks ago and you got a guy on a go-ball and I haven't had a ton of reps at it, so that was tough. But I got to put the ball out there and let Treylon, a big-bodied receiver, go up and make a play.

Q. I know you're fresh off it, off the top of your mind, looking from the first half to the second half, there was a lot more success against the blitz. What do you think changed in the second half?

JOSHUA DOBBS: Nothing. It's all about situationally and playing the game, right? In the second half, both teams on offense were still trying to find their rhythm and defenses were playing better, so just recognizing the part of the game, trying to get the ball out of my hands as quickly as possible. We did a great job executing in the first half. In the second half we were still executing, but just coming up a little short on third down. At the end of the day that's what the game comes down to, those two, three plays. We were able to stay on field and keep the chains moving, and then we have a chance to go down and win the game.

Q. Were you hopeful they look at the replay and say, the arm was moving forward? Did have you question at all that was a fumble?

JOSHUA DOBBS: I felt like my arm was moving forward. I mean, when you throw the ball, and the ball goes forward after the guy hits you. It feels like, I'm a physics guy, so feels pretty simple it was going forward. Like I said as well, I haven't seen the play as well, so I don't know when he hit me in the act of throwing. When you're on the road they do a great job of not showing replays of big plays. I'll check it out on film and see. But, yeah, that is definitely a tough one.

Q. Whirlwind for you. Got here, been here 18 days. Season is now over. What will you take from this experience? Even Derrick [Henry] said he thanked you for giving this team a chance.

JOSHUA DOBBS: No doubt. I think obviously losing sucks, right, especially with the magnitude of the game and everything that not only personally just coming here, but the guys just putting into the situation. Chris Conley really put things into perspective. He was like, just look how far you've come in your journey this year from where you started, to shoot, where I was four weeks ago. So, it's been a tremendous journey. I'm really proud of my effort, proud of the team's effort, how the guys fought, especially with the championship on the line. It sucks losing, but it's part of the game. We'll rally, watch the film, figure out how we can improve, situationally take care of the football better, and keep pushing forward.

Q. First half go about as well as you could have hoped for just the way you guys were able to keep the chains moving and win time of possession?

JOSHUA DOBBS: Yeah, you know, it was -- we really were on script. First third down the game I game J Ward [Jonathan Ward] a bad ball. From there we were really able to execute in the big moments. One of our keys was scoring touchdowns in the red zone, so personally I feel like we could have done a better job of that. I could have done a better job of that. We ended up settling for a couple field goals. We got touchdown, a big play to Chig [Okonkwo]. But, yeah, score touchdowns in the red zone and that's what the game comes down to. We played well in the first half. They did a great job making adjustments on defense. I thought we still moved the ball well, especially coming out of the second half. Just came down to those couple plays at the end of the game.

Q. How tough was that last drive having to come back out after the fumble? How do you feel like you and the offense handled that?

JOSHUA DOBBS: It wasn't tough at all. I think for me personally, just kind of my mental disposition just on ball, is one play at a the time. There are going to be plays where they get you; there are going to be plays where you get them. At the end of the day, it's all about how respond whether it's good play or a bad play, because the last play has no effect on the next play. Yeah, they got us on that play, but we did a good job responding. We drove the ball. We didn't finish the drive how we wanted, which is tough, but I like the look in the guys' eyes, the no-flinch mentality, I like just feeling the energy in the huddle saying, we're good. Let's go down and stay confident and keep moving the ball. With that energy and effort, it's definitely going to set you up for success in the future.

Q. How do you deal with the suddenness of just how this all ended?

JOSHUA DOBBS: Trying to figure out how to deal with it, honestly. You put a lot into it game, especially given my situation, the team's situation and guys battling back from injury, all for this game, right? It's really the season is on the line, AFC South champs and an opportunity to go to the playoffs. When you wake up, grow up playing ball, man, like these are the opportunities that you love and that you yearn for. It's definitely tough. It'll be a tough flight home, but we'll be able to rally and keep pushing forward.

Q. What have you learned these last three weeks, Josh, your experience going forward?

JOSHUA DOBBS: Shoot, you know, obviously I've learned more ball. I wouldn't say I learned anything about myself because I expect myself to be ready for difficult situations, you know. So, to be placed in this situation and have to come in and play well, you know, I really take pride in that, just with my mental disposition, how I work, prepare. Thankful for the opportunity because shoot I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Hope there is many more like it. I will definitely look forward to it.

Q. Based on -- maybe it's soon -- based on your time here, would you like the opportunity to come back and compete for a role here next year?

JOSHUA DOBBS: No doubt. I love Tennessee. Shoot, I spent a lot of time in Tennessee. I enjoy the offense. I feel comfortable in the offense. I know those decisions aren't made by me, so we'll see how it shakes out this off-season, but if the opportunity is presented, I would love to be back.

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