QB Josh Allen


(on what happened on the last play)

It didn't work out in our favor obviously. Didn't have the greatest footing. It's a game of inches. The play before was pretty close too. It didn't turn out in our favor today. We were two-of-five in the red zone You can't do that against a team like this. So a lot of could of's, would of's, should of's, but at the end of the day we are 4-2 going into the Bye Week. Going back to last year, taking a loss the way we did against Arizona, Hail Mary, Bye Week. This is a resilient team. I got no doubt we are going to use this to fuel us and be ready to go in two weeks.

(on if he slipped or lost his footing)

I was just trying to find a window to get in there and quarterback sneaks aren't the funniest play by any means. I got to find a way to get a first down there. So, it happens.

(on the team having issues in the red zone early in the game)

Just not executing like we should. Shooting ourselves in the foot a couple of times with penalties. I got to be better for us when we are in the red zone. No secret, two-of-five against a team like this is not going to win you a football game. We go three-of-five, we win that game, but again a lot could of's, would of's, should of's. That's a really good team, they had a really good plan. Obviously, on offense they have got some really good players over there so you can't give them those opportunities and not convert when you have got to put points on the board.

(on the play before the quarterback sneak)

No explanation. I did it in hopes of getting the first down. I think they looked at it on video and I think the call was a good call. Again, it is a game of inches. So many could of's, would of's, should of's that we are going to look back at this film and feel even worse that we feel right now. But again, it's one game and like I said we are not going to try to blow this out of proportion. We learn from it and move on.

(on the Bills run following the Bye Week last season)

I think it is very similar feelings, the way we lost both of these games. Particularly you don't carry anything over from year to year, but we do have that type of experience going back to last year just coming out the Bye Week really hungry, really ready, and we have got to go out and do that again. We have got to put this one behind us as quick as we can. Get our bodies back. I know we have got a couple of injuries tonight. Get back on track with those things and start looking to put together a gameplan. I think we got Miami in two weeks.

(on the pride he takes in having the confidence of his teammates)

I take a lot of pride in it and I love Coach McDermott for giving me that opportunity. I have got to go out there and prove him right. Sometimes plays do go your way. They get paid on that side of the ball too. Like I said, they had a good gameplan. It's a really good team. Hopefully we will see them again because the way they are playing right now I expect them to make a run and I have a lot of respect for them.

(on being 50 percent in the red zone this season)

I would have to look at this film and see if there are any common factors. Ultimately it comes down to execution and it starts with me. I have got to do better. Better with the ball in my hands and put us in a better position to score touchdowns instead of field goals. With a team like this, how good they are, we know that is not going to cut it. So that is something we have got to focus on and learn from and like I said I have no doubt that this team will.

(on getting players involved on offense)

We moved the ball pretty well tonight just taking what the defense gave me early on and allowing our guys to make some plays. I think we did great job with run after the catch. Guys got open finding zones. When you kind of have that feeling of being able to move the ball, you kind of stall out there in the red zone, it is not a good feeling. We want to score points. That's our job, to score touchdowns. We didn't do a good of enough job of that tonight. Seeing some guys get involved, getting Cole (Beasley) back involved in the offense the way he played tonight was awesome. We are going to need that going forward.

(on learning from being down on the road)

In two-minute situations, like you said, you can't replicate in practice or walkthroughs. We haven't been in many situations like that this year so to kind of have that, again, everything you can learn from is a plus. I know we didn't win the game but there is a lot to learn from that drive. We have got to work on it and move forward.

(on the two-point conversion)

Huge shout out to Dawson (Knox). I don't know what is wrong with his hand but I know it is not great. It is his throwing hand. I was trying to call the play off. I was shaking my hand to (Brian Daboll), saying 'Don't call it, we can't do it.' He looked at me and said, 'I got it, I'll get it to you.' To put your body on the line like that and grit through it, that was a big-time play and that's awesome when a teammate is willing to do that, and that's why we love him.


(on the final play)

It was a good call. We all thought it was a great call. I haven't gotten a chance to look at it. It just didn't end up the way we wanted it to. It was a tough deal. I thought it was a good call and we just didn't execute well enough and they did, and that's why the outcome is what it is now. Kudos to them and we have a lot of looking inwards. I know I do in this game so we will work from there and go forward with that. This will be a tough one to kind of swallow but we will get the corrections no matter how tough that may be and go from there.

(on if it was a call from the coaches or Bills quarterback Josh Allen adlibbing)

To be honest, I don't know. It's for other people to say. I wish I could give you more. We felt it was the right call and they out-executed us.

(on wanting to have the game put in your hands)

Coach (McDermott) put a lot of trust in us on that play. That's what makes it a little, not a little, makes it a really sour feeling especially for the O-line. He put the fate of the game in our hands and we didn't execute well enough, so it a tough pill to swallow. But it will be a great learning experience moving forward.

(on thinking about the loss during the Bye Week)

I think it is a doubled edge sword, a catch 22. There's that fact we get extra time to work on what we need to work on, but at the same time that bad taste is in your mouth longer than you like. Like I said, it is going to be a tough film to watch especially for myself and we will go from there. We will be pros about it. All you can do is point fingers at yourself and that's what we plan on doing in film tomorrow. It will be tough but we will get through it and march on. This team is resilient.

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