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QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Q. Jimmy, how do you look back immediately after?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: It's a tough one. It is. Just a game like that, short week, had a little momentum behind us. Just it's a tough one, but got to take your lumps and move on from it. So, I don't know. We just didn't do enough tonight.

Q. How do you assess your own performance tonight?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: You know, some good, some bad. I don't know, just I'm trying to go through it in my head. We had a chance. I mean, in a game like that you just got off to a hot start like that and we were rolling early on and kind of just got a little sluggish in the middle there. But I don't know. It's tough when you let a win like this slip away.

Q. (Regarding the first interception.)

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: Just we had it. It was tough. Just me and George (Kittle) not being on the same page. Just got to get it right and get that one completed. Should have been a touchdown.

Q. What were you expecting from him there?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: Yeah, just the corner played pretty well. Tip your hat to Janoris (Jackrabbit Jenkins), I think it was. He played it pretty well. We should have had a touchdown there. We had an opportunity. Whenever you get a one-on-one with George (Kittle) in the red zone, I'll take that every day of the week and I'm not going to stop going to him. Just plays like that, the one to (Brandon) Aiyuk on fourth down, we weren't really on the same page, me and him. Like I was saying, you let a couple plays like that slip away in key moments, that's how you let a game like this get away from you.

Q. How about the one down the sideline? What happened there?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: Yeah, just got a little excited. Thought the corner was playing -- not the corner, whoever that was, nickel or linebacker. Thought they were playing a little better and just let it get a little too far outside.

Q. Jimmy, you know how this goes. People are talking about the interceptions. (Indiscernible.) Couple throws you missed, and you got to do this for ten days. Are you used to this?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: I mean, good, better, indifferent, I'm right here. Doesn't change for me whether we -- wish we would've won it. Everyone in the locker room does. We had a little momentum. Just can't let it -- it is what it is. Got to take your lumps, look at the film, and be hard on ourselves, you know, and for ten days we got to get ready and move on to the next one.

Q. On the fourth-and-six, it looked like -- were you expecting (Brandon) Aiyuk or what happened?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: Yeah, that's what I was saying, just us being on the same page. I thought he was going to keep going. Kind of lost him behind one of the linemen. We couldn't even see each other when I was throwing it. I mean, we were just being on different pages. If he, yeah, keeps going, that's what, and he thought it was going to sit. Just tough one.

Q. The short week was tough; same level of preparation. One of the first things you mentioned was the toughness of the short week.

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: Yeah, always. They're going through the same thing we are, though. That's just the reality of a Thursday game. Yeah, it's always tough on a Thursday. I don't really know what to say.

We just had to make more plays tonight. That's what it came down to, making plays in key moments. We did it at the end in the last drive, but we just got to do that throughout the entire game.

Q. What would you say the mood of the team is right now? It was so high last Sunday, four days ago.

JIMMY GAROPPOLO: Uh huh. Frustrated, I would say. I think just I would say it's a game we had an opportunity to go into their place. We got off to a good start, got the lead like we wanted to, and we just had a lull in the middle there. If it we don't have that lull I think it's a totally different game, but that's football. Stuff happens.


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