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QB Jalen Hurts


On the versatility of the offense:

"I just think it's us trying to go out there and do our jobs individually and as a group. Nothing good ever gets done if every man doesn't do their job and dominate their box and that's what we strive to do. I come up here and I give these analogies about steakhouses or whatever, but that's our reality. We work really hard and we prepare really hard, and sometimes it just looks different. Regardless of how we're attacking a defense, we just want to execute in whatever it is we're doing. We want to make the right plays, make the right decisions with the football, protect the football, and put points on the board. Early on in the game, we talk about the things that we can control, the self-inflicted wounds, the personal foul penalties, the holdings, the false starts. Those are things that we can control and those are things that we have to clean up after reflecting on today. We just want to continue to grow. It's the same old message with me. We just want to continue to grow, to continue to rise, to continue to learn from everything we do good and bad, and grow from it."

On the meaning of this game to Eagles WR A.J. Brown:

"I think the whole world knew what it meant to him based off of who he is, how he is, and how he responds to certain things. I'm happy that he put on a show. He's a special player and a good friend. He's a real special player. I know that we make a big deal about it, but hopefully we can move on from it now. He did what he did, and onto the next.

On the ability of the offense to make plays downfield without significant risk of turnovers:

"I think every play comes down to decision-making because I touch [the ball] on every play. You have to be able to have a plan. We just try to have a plan when we're out there. We trust everybody to make plays. I'm trusted with my responsibilities and getting us into the right plays. The offensive line is trusted to do their job as well. [Eagles RB] Miles [Sanders] is trusted to get going in the run game when needed. It's all a thing of trust and it goes back to the preparation. The execution fuels emotion, but that comes from the execution of stuff in practice and the detail that we have in our meetings and the conversations that we have throughout the week. All of it is about the whole entire process of preparation and we just want to continue to prepare to come out here and be ready on our game days."

On his first touchdown pass to Eagles WR A.J. Brown:

"It's always within a scheme. He made a play on the first one and didn't get the foot drag down enough and came back to him on the next one."

On Eagles WR A.J. Brown and Eagles WR DeVonta Smith both having over 100 receiving yards:

"That's the type of players that they are. The bigger picture is for us to be successful as a team. Every man has to be able to step up and take advantage of the opportunity. We've been fortunate to have guys like [Eagles WR] A.J. [Brown] and [Eagles WR Devonta] Smitty [Smith] take advantage of those opportunities when they come. [Eagles RB] Miles [Sanders] taking advantage of those opportunities when they come. Everybody from [Eagles TE] Jack Stoll and [Eagles TE] Grant [Calcaterra] stepping up and making some big time catches. [Eagles S] Reed [Blankenship] on defense [Eagles LB] Nakobe Dean stepping in there towards the end of the game today. Everybody has a role to play. You just have to dominate your box and master your role. I credit [Eagles Head] Coach [Nick] Siriani for driving that message this week. Just do your job, be prepared and good things happen."

On Eagles WR DeVonta Smith's first drive touchdown:

"He ran a great route and he got open. He's elite."

On what it's like playing with Eagles WRE Devonta Smith now versus in college:

"We all grow from experience. I think experience is the biggest teacher and he's grown from stuff in college, he's grown from experiences of being a rookie last year, practice all of these things so I think his game has been taken to another level. They're all playing at a high level they're all really good players."

On what he saw on Eagles WR A.J. Brown's second touchdown:

"I gave him a chance to make a play. I tried to tell him, [jokingly] they don't listen sometimes, that be ready the ball could come your way. He made a play on the ball, that's a big boy catch, that's a grown man's catch."

On whether trash talking from the other team ever gets to him:

"I try not to get too high or low and stay the same through it all and focus on doing my job. That's my goal on the field."

On the Titans toughness and taking that personally:

"I can't say that I heard that throughout the week. I've heard it within the building in terms of motivation. But we control the things that we can. We know who we are as a football team. We know what we want to be and what we desire to be. It comes down to what we do and how do we respond to the things that are thrown in our face. You can turn on the tape and see that they're a physical football team, [and] that they attack on defense. They have, deservedly so, one of the best running backs in the league. He's physical. But we focus on controlling the things that we can and dominating our boxes, and doing what we can do. Nothing else really matters but how we respond to stuff, and that's what we try to keep consistent with."

On getting this win for Eagles WR A.J. Brown:

"It wasn't nothing personal. I knew how it made him feel [and] I knew his emotions towards it. But I think as a professional you have to be able to manage those emotions regardless of the circumstance. I'm proud of how he handled this week, I'm proud of how he handled it. He has swagger. He has a confidence to himself. He has a unique physical ability to do what he does at a high level. I tell all those guys [to] go out there and express yourself. When you get on that field express yourself within the frame of the game, no penalties, none of that extra stuff, but go express yourself. He's a big-time player, and he's worked to be where he is. [He's] still scratching the surface, and having that friendship that we have, I can keep it 100 [percent] with him all the time. He knows I will tell him the truth, and I expect him to tell me the truth about myself. That's the relationship that we have. I'm happy for him. We'll enjoy it for a little bit and then move on next week."

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