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QB Gardner Minshew


Do you learn to navigate these close games?

I don't think it necessarily gets easier, but you definitely get more comfortable in that kind of chaos. An awesome job by our defense today, getting a stop in overtime. The kind of big stops we needed. Special teams probably won the game. So, I was happy just to be able to finish the game again and pull our weight there at the end.

Was being aggressive today a priority?

Yeah, I think so. I think it was something we've been looking to do for a while and just whether it's been a bad look or just kind of one thing or another, just hadn't been able to do it as much. But I was really happy to get AP (Alec Pierce) involved, hitting him with a couple of deep ones, man. He's really been doing a great job, and we just haven't been able to really get him going. I think we continue to build with him, build confidence with him. Pitt (Michael Pittman Jr.) also had 100 yards, continues to get better. So, I think there's a lot of guys we've got to get a little bit more consistent to be able to, you know, do those things more often.

What sticks out about the way Alec kind of stuck with it on plays?

I think he does a great job of just staying positive, for one. Like there's teams that rooms I've been in where like that can get toxic really fast because he hasn't been getting a ton of targets and he hadn't got a ton of opportunity. But, he's made the most of those today and has maintained a positive attitude. So, I think we're just going to continue to build with him and continue to have confidence in him.

Can you kind of recap the winning touchdown?

Yeah, we ran like kind of a pick play for a slant and they traded it off and then Pitt (Michael Pittman Jr.) of wrapped around. It was the same one (DeAndre) Hopkins scored on for them. So, it's kind of a unique thing and doesn't happen too often. But yeah, two touchdowns on that play.

Is it just tougher in the red zone?

Yeah, very condensed. We got to figure that out. We got to do a better job there, obviously. They're a great front and they do a good job of kind of stopping the run and making things hard down there. So, hats off to them. They presented great challenges. But I think, we have to, as we continue to grow as an offense, get better and more consistent down here.

How did you and the receivers stay composed for the winning drive?

Any time you play in the quarterback position, the team is putting a lot of trust in you to kind of lead the way. And you know what? Today we had an opportunity to go win a game for our team, and I just couldn't be more happy and more proud of our group and grateful for the opportunity I was given.

Do you feel like you have a lot of responsibility there and are you trying to just kind of be yourself?

Yeah, I think it's kind of all about, I think first, just being yourself, how you feel in that situation. There's sometimes where emotion can show and that can be a good thing. And sometimes, probably that isn't the time for it. But yeah, definitely I think there's a responsibility there and one I enjoy really.

Did you know you were passing the deep ball to Alec Pierce in overtime?

Yeah, I had a pretty good feeling based on the look, based off the kind of routes he'd been running. So, I was able to take my drop, they played the right look, and he made a great play.

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