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QB Gardner Minshew


Can you take us through the last drive and how good it felt to see the stop from the defense?

"Yeah, the defense played well all day. Stopped a really, really good team. Great running back there on fourth down. That was awesome. I wish we could have scored a touchdown then, just ice it off, feel a little bit better, but it was good to get some big, crucial third down conversions down the stretch and really set our defense up in a pretty good situation. Thought it was just a great team win."

You've gotten to see a lot of Zack Moss over the past several months and Jonathan Taylor, what he's done in the past and even today, how potent can this backfield be throughout the rest of the season?

"Yeah, they've just got to keep doing what they're doing. Zack (Moss) is running his tail off. It's obviously exciting to get J.T. (Jonathan Taylor) back. We all know what he can do. Zack has been tough. He's been toting the mail for us. A lot of carries, a lot of hard yards, and I'm just really proud of him, happy for him. Happy for myself as a fantasy owner with Zack Moss. Really been a good stretch, picked him up in camp (and) had a good feeling."

Coach Steichen called you the best backup quarterback in the league in his opinion, just the way you process the game. What works for you? What does it mean to have the confidence of your head coach and your team knowing that the way Anthony Richardson plays and the way he could go down at any moment?

"It feels good, man, knowing that you've got a coach that believes in you, the guys around you can rally around. Obviously, this is Anthony's (Richardson) team, and it's going to be very exciting for him. Unfortunately, he keeps having these issues, but he's playing great. I think everybody believes in him. I'm grateful for every opportunity I get. Grateful for Coach (Shane Steichen) for bringing me here, grateful for the team for letting me do my thing, and yeah, just excited to keep moving forward."

What was the vibe like after this win?

"It was lit is what it was. No, we were fired up, man. Winning in the division is not easy. First time beating Tennessee in a while. So man, that's fun. When you put so much into it, you've got to enjoy it that much, too."

I don't know if you have talked to Anthony Richardson. If you have, what did you say to him from an emotional standpoint knowing how badly he wants to help the team?

"Yeah, just let him know we're all with him and nothing is going to change that. We're with him whatever he needs, whenever he needs it. Like I said, we're very excited for him and what he's going to be able to do for us and just trying to keep his spirits high no matter what happens."

You and Coach Steichen have some history there. What makes him different?

"Man, I think he's just himself. I think that's an awesome thing to see. I've seen him as an offensive coordinator, and I've seen him as a head coach now. He's the same guy, man. He even gives the same night before speeches, which I'm the only one that catches on, so that's a little tough. But he's a great guy, very genuine, cares, wants to win, wants to put the work in to win. He's awesome."

Can you take us through the spin move?

"Yeah, obviously had a lot of time to think about that one. Felt like I was running for about 10 seconds. I knew I couldn't beat him with speed, so the opposite of that, slow down and spin. I thought I had the first down, too, maybe we can look back at that one."

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