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QB Deshaun Watson


Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020

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Q. Deshaun, how disappointing is it to play as well as you did and lose? And, also, what were your options on that two-point conversion pass that was batted down

DESHAUN WATSON: Yeah, I mean, it's tough. Regardless of how I play, it's all about the W and it's all about winning. So, yeah, that was tough and the two-point play, of course, we wanted to get one-on-one coverage with Duke. Then they played it, jammed them up and I came and had to move a little bit and Brandon was coming open and after looking I think he was the only guy that was really open. And right when I threw it I got around 54 but 98 was coming back and I think he got a shoulder pad or something tipped off of him, but Cobb said it was right there but he just got a hand on it. Yeah, it could have been the possession to put them away for good, but we still had opportunities and we just didn't capitalize as a whole team.

Q. Deshaun, is this loss any tougher to take given the way the game developed and it was right there for you all to win it?

DESHAUN WATSON: Every loss is tough and of course being a divisional opponent on the road when we had them it's even a little more tough. This one definitely hurts, but gotta keep pushing forward. It's a long season. This is Game 5 and we have 11 more games, so we have to continue to pile them up and see what happens.

Q. What did you think about Romeo being aggressive there on that two-point play and basically put it out of reach if you get it?

DESHAUN WATSON: Yeah, that was definitely the idea. They gave us the opportunity, we had the opportunity. But it just didn't connect. You gotta give Tennessee props, 98. He did the same thing last year if you guys remember when we played them here in the same end zone where he kind of rushed and it was popped off and he tipped it up and Evans picked it off. Yeah, now we know in the future that we gotta spread some type of feed dropper in the low red and try to get stuff up and create movement up front. Yeah. We should have had that one.

Q. Going forward do you think that this could be something of the offense's identity? What did you think of the way Tim Kelly called the game? It looked like you guys made some changes and were a bit different today.

DESHAUN WATSON: No. I wouldn't say we were different. We were doing what we was doing. We just had more opportunities to take the shot. We stayed ahead of the chains. We took advantage of getting third and short and capitalizing on there and we had the opportunity to take shots, and we did that. We did what we needed to do. Offensive line played a really good game and gave me time to make the threes down the field and that's what we did. It wasn't nothing different out there. We just continue to build on that.

Q. Deshaun, how would you evaluate the rushing game all season and also today?

DESHAUN WATSON: Yeah, we're building. It's a lot of moving parts. Every team is different, every scheme is different. So we've got to be able to figure out what the scheme of the defense is trying to play and what we want to attack. So, again, they're going to do with the ball and let them work the space and find the holes and just continue to build on that.

Q. Deshaun, you guys have scored 30 in back-to-back games and you've thrown seven touchdown passes. Do you feel like you guys have to score a lot of points to win from here on out?

DESHAUN WATSON: We always want to score touchdowns when we touch the ball. That's our idea, regardless of what the situation of the game is. You know, my idea is to get points on the board every drive, and if we don't have that mentality, then we're doing something wrong. So we gotta continue to do that and score as many points as we want to. If we could score 100 points, I would. It's nothing with the team or anything like that. We just want to score points and bring the energy to the whole team.

Q. How have the intermediate routes and some of the shorter routes that have been implemented into the offense over the last few weeks, how does that help with the flow of the offense and keeping you guys in the rhythm?

DESHAUN WATSON: Just gotta stay ahead of the chains and keep those third and seconds manageable so we can have opportunities to get first downs and get in opportunities for guys to get the ball out quick. A lot of teams, every team you play is not going to give us the deep shot. They know we like to take those and we got a lot of talent that can go deep. So they're going to make sure that they're going to make us trickle it down the field and have those long drives. That's what I gotta do. I gotta take what the defense gives me and not force it down the field.

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