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QB Daniel Jones


What was your initial reaction when Brian (Daboll) told you he was going for two points and not the extra point kick?

Well, he's been very clear throughout training camp and throughout the week preparing for this game that he's going to be aggressive in those situations and give us the chance to execute. So, I wasn't surprised. I don't think any of us were surprised by that at all. 

Given how Saquon (Barkley) played, was that playcall perfect for that situation?

I think so, yeah. He had a heck of a game and was big time for us and was big time there too. So yeah, I think just giving him an opportunity to make a play.

You really spread the ball around to a lot of your receivers and you were fairly accurate for the day. What was your mentality as you're seeing the coverages in passing plays?

Well, I think it was just trying to stay ahead of the chains and move the ball. Take advantage of some of their spots in their zone and try to keep it moving forward. I thought we did an OK job of that. Bunch of things we'll look to clean up, certainly in the passing game. But guys did a good job getting where we're supposed to be and making plays.

What was it like for you just watching Saquon (Barkley) play at that high level again? Just your perspective on what he was able to do today.

Yeah, it was fun. A lot of fun. You saw the explosiveness and it was fun to watch him. He's had a great camp and seeing where he's come from – he's battled back from a lot of adversity, a lot of injuries. To get out here and do what he did today was a lot of fun to watch as a teammate and as a friend.

How about seeing Sterling Shepard come back from an injury so quickly? He had that huge play in the third quarter. What was that like?

Yeah, he's definitely there. He's had to go through a lot to get back to where he is now, and to see him make a big time play behind the defense and score for us in a critical point of the game was huge. And knowing where he's come from, that was fun to watch.

On TV, it looked like Brian (Daboll) came to you after the interception when you were on the bench. What did he say to you at that point?

I was just talking through the decision there. Obviously one I'd like to have back and a costly mistake down there. So, I think he was just communicating that, and you've got to take advantage of those opportunities when we have points, and we'll definitely look to clean that up.

How would you describe the feeling in that locker room? It's been a rough few years here, right? To win a game like this, what was that like, and does it compare to anything that you've had here since you've been the starting quarterback?

Yeah, it was exciting. It was an exciting one for us to kind of come back there at the end of the game. It wasn't perfect. The first half wasn't great, especially from an offensive standpoint. So, to stick with it, fight down the stretch and come out on top was exciting for us. We've played a lot of close games these past few years, so it feels good to finish one, to come out on top and be able to celebrate in the locker room. 

Was the interception a case of you just trying to do everything possible to get Saquon (Barkley) the ball in that situation or did it kind of just happen? How would you describe it?

Just a poor decision. Certainly a play to take advantage of him and try to get him the ball, but I've got to make a better decision there and make sure we keep points.

You mentioned a lot of tough games, a lot of close games over the past few seasons. Seeing a brand new coach in his first game decide to go for two in that situation—a lot of times there's talk of the team taking on the character of the coach. How do you feel going into the future in close games, seeing that, you walk here into Nissan Stadium and you beat the reigning number one seed in a real close game on a gutsy call from your head coach?

Yeah, I think it means a lot as players to know that he has confidence in us to make that play at a critical point in the game. It's a good feeling and it gives us confidence as a unit, and he's been clear from the get-go that he's going to be aggressive in those situations and give us a chance to make a play. So that's what he did and it gives us confidence as a group, but we understand the responsibility to execute in those situations and take advantage of the opportunity.

Daniel, what's the key on the two point conversion? I mean the shovel, is it not doing it too soon? What's the timing there for you that you need to really concentrate on?

I think each one of them is different. It depends on the read key and how he's playing it. You want to stay inside of the edge there and give Saquon (Barkley) a chance. So, he did a great job making a play there.

I mean it didn't bust open because sometimes guys walk in in that situation and it's not 100 percent, you have to make a play.

Yeah, they're not all going to be perfect. You understand that when you practice them, but you know, luckily when you have Saquon Barkley, it works out.

What did you think--what were you thinking when he called that fourth-down play and it's sort of a bootleg for you to run?

Yeah, that was a good call. Obviously, they're expecting a downhill run and I thought it was a great call there on fourth-and-one. Gave us a chance to convert and then ultimately go down and score.

What are your thoughts when they're lining up for the field goal?

Yeah, obviously nervous, and you hope that he misses it. But the defense did a great job holding up. They played great all day. Played big time for us and forced a long field goal. We got pressure on the kick and fortunately for us he missed it. But hats off to the defense. They played great all day.

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