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QB Dak Prescott


Talk about the resiliency to fight back after the two interceptions?

Yeah, I mean, be able to play this position, you've got to have a short-term memory, whether the interception you feel is your fault, not your fault, whether you throw it to the guy and lose out on points before half or not, you've got to be able to turn the page and just move on. That's something that honestly, I take pride in. Obviously, you know, you're not trying to have that adversity or cause that adversity, but good or bad, I'm on to the next play and I think that's an example of it there. And just not only me, but the whole team and defense obviously stepping up, making plays when those unfortunate things happen. And then the offense, everybody, all 11 getting on and just saying let's get back on the horse and get rolling. 

How frustrating is it in the moment of these things to keep happening?

I mean, yes, it is frustrating. But there's nothing I can do about it in the same sense. I mean, yeah, it might be frustrating, but by the time that I – say a minute after I've sat down on the sideline, I've got out of my head, I have said my words I needed to say to myself and just have moved on at that point. So yeah, it is frustrating as I said, whether it's off your guys' hands or whether I throw it behind the receiver and he makes the play, the cornerback makes the play, they are all frustrating and somehow they have got to stop.

Do you worry about this happening in the playoffs?

I don't worry about that. I don't sit there and think of that, 'Oh, this is going to continue to happen.' As much as anything I have got to fix the ones on my end and I've just got to make sure the receivers and everybody that may take part in them are focused and understand that we don't have a lot of opportunities as we move forward these last games and all these playoffs games. Every drive matters, and we have to play every play, every drive, like it is to win the game and that's the reality of it when you get to the postseason. So, it is just heightening our focus, and understanding, for me, the risk versus the reward, rather it is a tight window or not. Everybody being on the same page understanding the magnitude of each play.

What gives you the confidence that this unit can improve and give the consistency over the next few weeks?

It will go that far, and if you have been watching us, we have won these games other than the overtime unfortunate interception return. We are getting better. Even when bad plays happen we are able to move on. I have no hesitation, no doubt in the men we have in this locker room. If you heard me speak, I credit this team and give all the compliments of the brotherhood and the culture of what we have built here on it.

Is it perplexing that the team is 12-4 but there are a lot of questions unanswered?

No, not at all. Those are your questions and your thoughts. That is all external and outside of our locker room and that is why I compliment the brotherhood and culture and everything we have created. All that talk, that's for y'all and we are going to let y'all talk. What we have got is a culture and a brotherhood that knows what they have, what we have, what we are capable of doing, we are going to double down on that and trust the process and continue to get better each day in practice, each we and understand the magnitude of what is coming up that we have just got to focus in on every detail of our preparation and make sure it is carrying over into these games.

Why do you think you and T.Y. Hilton have a good chemistry?

That is a credit to T.Y. (Hilton), honestly. He is a quarterback-friendly receiver, he's played a lot of football and he's a veteran. His body language speaks for itself. You know where is going. That's all a credit to him. Just being able to come in a couple of weeks ago and just make the impact that he has made, making big-time catches, show up on third downs time and time again when his number is called and make those plays. But if you go back and look at this guy's resume, his history in his there is no surprise at what he is doing.

Do you feel like a win is a win?

One hundred percent a win is a win. Obviously, there are things to clean up and they feel much better to clean up when you got the win. This is the NFL and I say it time and time again, give the other guys credit. These guys get paid to do their jobs whether their starters are out or not. Now you have got a bunch of young guys that are trying to make the most of their opportunity. They are trying to step up and show, 'I can play in this league,' and that is what this league is right now, full of a bunch of young players. You don't have the old veterans impacting this league all the way throughout the roster. You have got guys that are waiting on their opportunity and they are good. A win is a win, and we are going to take it and get better from the mistakes and we are going to make sure that we are improving. A road win, short week, you have got to take them all. Style points and all that, that's for y'all who think games are won on paper.

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