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QB Carson Wentz


On the last drive and interception:

"Tough, tough, very frustrating, and obviously an emotional roller coaster. You're feeling very confident there and your ability to go down and moving the ball, converting to stay on the field and you get first and goal from the 2 and your thinking we've got this, We've got a couple chances here and hats off to them they made a couple good plays and it's definitely frustrating and kind of stings a little bit extra because I thought we had it."

On the tough sequence of plays after back-to-back timeouts:

"It was but at the same time, you still look at it at the end of the day we had our chances. We still got three shots at it, could've been four. First and goal. So, obviously you want those timeouts because it can help with some decisions down there but at the end of the day, we still had our chances to execute them, and we just didn't."

On WR Dyami Brown on both touchdown drives:

"The coverages dictated where to go with the ball and ton of confidence in him. We've seen him do that all of OTAs, training camp and obviously his opportunity has been limited in season but for him to step up like that today with those two big ones, that was awesome to see but at the same time I'm not surprised. If there's anyone on this team, he's been doing that and hats off to him for stepping up."

On Brown playing more in the rotation

"Obviously we'll see what happens, I thought he did a fantastic job on those couple of plays today. We feel we got some depth there that always serves us well. Hopefully he can but at the same time we're excited to get Jahan [Dotson] back and we can see them both in."

On relying on adversity on the slow start to the season:

"Have to, I mean a couple, straight losses as a team. Obviously, I had a chance there at the end to seal it and I didn't get it done myself. So, have to learn how to handle adversity, how to bounce back. I say it every week, this league comes at you fast and this week even faster. We have a Thursday night game and physically, it's probably the hardest week of the season just for getting your body ready but at the same time mentally, it helps to move fast, and we must move on and go find a way to win against a good team down there in Chicago."

On preparing for the short week against Chicago:

"We have no choice we're going to be in there tomorrow getting ready because it is a short week. You must learn from it and there was a lot of good things today so a lot of things we can keep building on, still must clean up a lot, some of the penalties and communication wise we must clean those things up especially at home, that can't happen. I can help in those scenarios as well. We must talk through those things, get those things cleaned up and hopefully go play fast on Thursday."

On digging a hole so early in the season:

"We have dug a hole but at the same time there's a lot to play, a lot of games left, a lot of football and the NFL is crazy so for us, don't look at all that. We try not to look at what happened the last couple of games and what's ahead we just must be 1-0 each week and focus on what's ahead of us. You're right, we have dug ourselves a hole, we did it to ourselves, but we have to bounce back and get the dub."

On what his thoughts were on Brian Robinson's return to the field:

"Yeah, it was awesome. I think, just emotionally, I think everyone was pretty fired just to see him back out there. Again, seeing him run out of the tunnel and the fans' reaction and all that. It gives me goosebumps, just knowing again, kind of remove yourself from football. Much bigger, much bigger and a blessing for him to be out there and so, I think we're all excited to have him out there. I don't know numbers–wise, all that, stats, I'm not sure how it played out, but I know emotionally guys were happy to see him in the huddle."

On what gives him hope that the team can turn around the season:

"Yeah, I thought guys did a good job. We had some depth, guys stepped up today, showed us some depth. The guys never quit. Even though we had some mistakes, shot our self in the foot a couple too many times, we still had the fight in us to go down there and have a chance to win against a really good football team. And so, I thought we showed our ability to score quickly and be dynamic as an offense, all of those things, defense stepped up when we needed it. A lot of things that we can build from and learn from and hopefully we are going to build and learn from them and turn them into a win sooner or later."

On if the changes that need to be made to win games could be easy fixes:

"I think so. At the same time, I haven't watched film yet, hard to say fully. I know some of the penalties and just communication things are for sure easy fixes and things that I can help out with. So, I'm confident we will get those things fixed and get it ironed out. But as a whole, we have got to watch the tape and learn from it, but I know we are right there. There's a lot of good football teams in this league and we have just got to find a way to get a win and save course."

On what he saw on his game-ending interception:

"Yeah, the guy made a heck of a play. A least from my vantage point it looked like he was kind of covering Terry a little bit on the crossing route and I just tried to squeeze it in there to J.D. Guy made a heck of a play, that was an emotional rollercoaster, because I thought we had six points, then it left my hand and the result, that was it unfortunately."

On what he has learned from past experiences of being ridiculed as a QB, and how that could help to turn the team around.

"You know, a lot. At the same time, just always keep trying to get better. I think never doubt yourself, never lose confidence, always trying to be the same. Whether you win and you're on the highs of the highs or the lows of the lows, no matter what it looks like, always try to be the same. Come in ready to work and keep getting better and never lose any confidence in yourself."

On if it is tough to not produce in a way that fans are won over by the team:

"Absolutely, absolutely. You know, you want to win every time you step on the field, but you especially want to win at home. I think in this league winning is hard enough, so being able to win at home is huge. Obviously, for us not to do that these last couple, it's frustrating. But at the same time, I see a lot of good that we can build off of and it's time to actually do that now, and I think we will."

On what he is seeing from Rivera during this time.

"Yeah, same. I think myself, with the entire team, I think obviously there's frustration with everything. Things we've got to clean up, but again, a lot of sense of belief in the guys in that locker room. I see it from those coaches, I see it in the eyes of each and every guy in that locker room. Obviously, it's frustrating. There's a lot that we can clean up and all those things, but I still see a lot of faith, a lot of belief, a lot of confidence, and I have yet to see that waiver. I look forward to us building off of that and hopefully turning this thing around."

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