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QB Carson Wentz


(on what Saturday and Sunday were like as the decision was made for him to play)

Stressful, mentally and physically just trying to get ready. Unknown really until pregame warmup where I was going to be at, and if I was going to be able to go. It's been an exhausting couple of days. Really exhausting week just trying to get out here. Wish it has been a better result but there's a lot of different emotions in there. Frustrations, you know. Guys are angry, different things, but at the same time, guys are staying together. You can already see it and guys are hungry for next week. It's a long season. It's a long season. We've still got 14 games. We made it harder on ourselves digging a hole like this, but it's a long season and we're going to get back to work.

(on what percentage he was at health-wise today)

I don't know. I don't know. It's hard to put a number on it.

(on if he has been more physically limited today than he has before in his career)

Tough to say. I probably would say no, but it's hard to fully say that.

(on if he will get to a point of being 100 percent again before the team's Bye Week in December)

For sure. Honestly, I feel like it was the grace of God that I was even able to compete out here today the way earlier this week looked. Credit to the training staff in getting me ready to go. But yeah, I am very confident just how quickly it is already from not really even being able to walk (the) first two days this week to playing today. I'm very confident that we can progress this thing along and be myself.

(on if he should practice less)

Those are all kinds of things we'll see as we go, type of things. See where I'm at, take it every day. There's one thing I've learned its literally take it day by day with this type of stuff. We'll see what that looks like come Wednesday morning and evaluate as we go.

(on how much he was limited today by his injury)

I mean, I knew I wasn't going to scramble around and make some plays. Didn't feel great when I did that but at the same time, there's plays to make. There's plays in the pocket that I missed that I'm kicking myself that I want back down there in the red zone and some things like that. You know we had a chance. We didn't execute in key situations, third down and red zone, and it definitely cost us.

(on the first time he allowed the idea of playing today to enter his mind)

I mean, obviously I was pretty down Monday with how painful it was, but just seeing the MRI scans and what the doctors are saying. I mean, they said there was a chance, so at that point it was full speed ahead. I'm going to be honest, it looked pretty dim there for a while, but I'd probably say Thursday gearing up to try and practice Friday was the first time, I was like, 'All right.' I was little stressed about it. I knew it was a big day to see where I was at, but I responded good enough and I was able to go today.

(on if it was decided he could play after pregame warmups today)

Yup, yup.

(on how he feels now)

A little sore.

(on what the course of action is when he gets home coming off of this game being injured)

Just like I did last week, honestly. More treatment. Like I told you all this week, throw the kitchen sink at it to try and get healthy. To try, like you mentioned, to try to get 100 percent as soon as I can. But yeah, it's going to be the same type of approach. Rehab, rehab, treatment, treatment and let it heal.

(on what conversations were like with Head Coach Frank Reich about the injury and not playing like himself)

I mean, it's tough. It changes your mentality a little bit and there's some of that I need to work on regardless and I know that. Kind of going into it, Coach (Reich) knew it. He wanted to call that game that way to help me get the ball out of my hands. Credit the Titans. They did some good things to kind of make the reads really cloudy and did some different pressures. A lot of stuff that we hadn't seen on film yet. Obviously, I'll go back and watch the tape but they did a good job making it hard on us.

(on if he was forced to throw it more by the Titans or the team killing runs)

Yeah, there's some of both, but yeah, they definitely did a good job disguising some of their stuff and kind of getting us out of the plays we wanted to call and those types of things. So, hats off to them for making it tough on us today.

(on if it was mentally tough knowing head coach Frank Reich was calling the game different because of his ankles)

Yeah, I mean it was definitely different for me, but I knew that going in. You know, I thought – I didn't think it was bad. I think it could have been better though, for sure. But yeah, I mean, I knew mentally and physically that that's where I would have to be. It could have been better though for sure.

(on the foundation of leadership before he arrived and how to keep it from spiraling out of control)

Kind of what you mentioned, the leadership is excellent here. I sensed that from the moment I got here. There's a lot of leaders whether they wear the 'C' on Sunday or not. There's a lot of leadership. Guys that have kind of seen a little bit of everything in this locker room. I'm going to be right in the mix with everybody else, 'Hey, we've got a long season.' Just reminding guys we've got a long season. I mean, we played three good teams that have been really good opponents. We've been in every game. We can't beat ourselves up. We can't hang our heads. We can't play the 'Woe is me' game or start pointing fingers and I'm confident we won't. I'm confident we won't. We'll go right back to work and we'll get this thing turned around.

(on if he sees the traits he thought the team was made of despite the 0-3 start)

For sure, I am. I've seen flashes of things. The one thing I'm excited about is kind of what I mentioned – the character of the guys in there. Obviously, not where we want to be. Not the start we were expecting. Not the start we were hoping for. Like I mentioned earlier, we kind of made it hard on ourselves here but at the same time, the character of the guys, like I can just tell they are hungry to go turn this thing around. This is the NFL. You've got six days and we're traveling already. There's no time to kind of play the 'Woe is me game,' and just get back to work.

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