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QB Bryce Young


What is your reaction to today?

We all feel it. Obviously, it's difficult. We all don't feel great. But we just lean on each other in these moments. That's really all we can do.

* How do you stay positive in the moment?*

You just got to have that next play mentality. Whatever we have done in the past, doesn't entitle us to anything good or bad. Every drive's a new drive, every game's a new game. You just got to keep building.

* Do you feel like you guys are making the same mistake consistently or making new mistakes?*

There's a mixture. And it's on us throughout the week to get it corrected and bring it over to Sundays.

* Does it help you digest any of it knowing your team has a lot of injuries?*

It doesn't help anything. Regardless of personnel things, regardless of whatever it is, it's a we-thing. It's all of us. We all feel the same. You never feel good after this. There is nothing else to look at or blame it on.

* On the 4th-and-sixth play at the end of the game was an automatic check against zero-coverage?*

We had option to have that on and you play that cat and mouse game, and it didn't go our way. So that's on me. Again, as a unit we just got to execute on big plays.

* Do you think you should have let the play go?*

Got to watch it on film. I haven't had that opportunity yet.

* How much juice did the touchdown drive coming out of the half give you guys in that moment?*

Yeah, it gives a lot of juice, a lot of energy. You want to keep—we have to do a better job of just building on that. I think, for us, it shows what we can do. We just have to make sure that we're doing it consistently. And when we do get that, that we can build on it. So that's something that we definitely want to improve on moving forward.

* Did you address the team in locker room after the game and if so what did you say?*

What we say in the locker room, that's stuff that we keep in the locker room at all costs. Of course, things were said. No one specific person—we all kind of share one voice. People step up and say things, but it's all one voice. We're all thinking it. That's really all I have about it.

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