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QB Baker Mayfield


(On how a home win feels)

"Yeah, lost the last couple of home games, so this one was good for us. Still, got some things to work on offensively. That first interception, I was just late with the ball. [Deven Thompkins] ran the right route, he was hauling down the field, I've just got to be on time with that. If not, check it down. Lay it over the middle, bad things are going to happen, so that one's on me. Just a couple of things here and there that just prevented us from having a really really big day on offense but still, all things that we can control and get fixed."

(On if the offense is turning a corner)

"I think so. I think we took advantage of different looks that we had today. I think guys were all locked in and pretty prepared. Yeah, just little things, physical things today that prevented us from taking the next step but those are things that happen in football."

(On if he expected the touchdown pass to RB Rachaad White to go the way it did)

"He can run. It's always good to have screen plays that turn into explosives. That's one of those – to have a balanced offense – we've talked about in the past weeks getting Rachaad more involved in the pass-game. Obviously, that's a key part of that. So, he does that, guys are blocking downfield that make the big difference and he does the rest. So, he's a key part of this offense and we are going to continue to feed him."

(On the pace of the game)

"It felt good. I think the first half kind of went extremely quick. I don't know how many series we had but I know it was very few. But, just needed to take advantage of our series going into the second half and get points. Let the defense pin their ears back and get some pressure on Will (Levis). And so yeah, that was a complementary game that we – it wasn't a completely complementary game but for the most part, it was."

(On if having 10 plays of 15 or more yards speaks to the progress of the offense)

"Absolutely. It speaks to protection. It speaks to the guys up front. And our skill guys making plays down the field. The first play of the game, it was kind of a quick-game play and they changed the coverage and Chris (Godwin) gets the ball for an explosive. So yeah, we always aim for 10-plus explosives each game so that's a big thing for us to be able to do that to keep these guys off balance, keep moving the chains, and resetting the downs."

(On how his thumb is feeling after hitting it on a helmet)

"Feels good."

(On what it does for his unit when the defense is playing so well)

"It makes our job much easier, you know. To stop a guy like Derrick Henry like that, that's a tall task. And so our defense played lights out today. They were all fighting over the ball when it was in the air. I know there's going to be some griping about not getting the interceptions but they were after it today. So, once again, they had a good game and we just did enough to find a way to win on offense."

(On what it will take to get the run game going)

"They're a good defensive front. The linebackers fly around and so it's a challenge to run the ball against them. So we didn't get into a rhythm today with the run game but some of the quick game stuff were able to complement it and that kind of takes over. We account for some of the bubbles and screens – that's a part of the run game. You know, it's a part of being balanced. And so, just continuing to find ways to get Rachaad (White) the ball and spacing – and Chase (Edmonds) as well broke some tackles today. So, just continue that and see where it goes."

(On if he saw anything in the interception in the first quarter)

"Like I said, I was just late on it. Deven Thompkins running on the linebacker. I know (Azeez) Al-Shaair can run as well, but I've just got to be on time with it if I'm going to beat the guy that's overlapping in coverage. So, either be on time with the ball or check it down to Cade (Otton) underneath right there and get us to a manageable field goal, as well. So, that's completely on me."

(On what he felt when LT Tristan Wirfs picked his fumble and started running)

"He needs to get his ass down. Can't advance the ball, so he needs to go down."

(On what it means for the team to continue to fight after losses)

"In the last few weeks, even in the losses, we've been fighting. So, it's just a matter of things to kind of fall our way and to just continue on this journey. Don't let your head go down. Continue fighting and the good things will happen. So, it's a one-game-at-a-time mentality for us from here on out. Control our own destiny and see where it takes us. So, we have a group that's really really focused. We know what we need to do. Now it's just about continuing to correct it and show up on Sundays."

(On if there's been any deviation in his leadership style)

"No, I think just continued focus, making sure we get all the details right, continue to over-communicate, get everybody on the same page, and I think guys were really locked in. I think a key example was that post throw to Mike (Evans) that got us in the red zone was something we talked about early on with the pressure look getting to a certain check and getting him that ball. Guys did it immediately, you know, did it quickly."

(On it being relieving to end the four-game losing streak)

"Big time. The streak as a whole and then also just playing better at home was big for us. So, we need to be able to bring that energy each week, and yeah, it's just a relief, kind of a weight off your shoulders when you have a streak like that to be able to break it."

(On offense overcoming early struggles)

"Just trust the process. Trust the system that things are going to come. Like I said, there are some things – like the interception was on me. So, if I just check it down, we're going to get points, we're going to get a field goal. Just trust the system. Trust the ball is going to go where it needs to and keep fighting and good things will happen. Especially when your defense is playing like that."

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