Players are Focusing on one Game at a Time

Everyone is talking about our 5-0 start, but as players we are approaching things one week at a time. No one in here is talking about our record or what it could potentially be. We're just talking about Kansas City right now. Coming off the bye weekend, it allowed us to get some rest and get guys healthy. The focus is this week and one week at a time.

Some reporters are asking if Sunday's game at Kansas City is a trap game, but you have to be ready to play each week because this is the NFL. Any time you play anybody in this league you have to be ready to expect their best and that's what we're expecting from the Chiefs. This game is on the road and Arrowhead Stadium a tough place to play. The Chiefs won their only game at home this year, so we need to be ready for anything they throw at us.

We got back on the practice field this week and it's not hard to get back into the swing of things. For me, it wasn't hard at all. I think we're clicking like we need to be. There is room for improvement at every position and that's what we're working towards.

We're only worried about ourselves, the guys in this locker room and the guys on this team. No one really is talking about what happened in the Giants/Browns game Monday night. The older guys have been through situations like that. I've been on a team that started 6-0 and didn't make the playoffs, so it's still too early in the season to be talking about anything other than our next opponent.

The reality of the NFL is you have to play every week. You can't look ahead. You listen to the local talk radio and things like that, but no body in this locker room is talking that way and my family knows not to call me and talk about it either. You just don't talk about it. There are plenty of teams in this league that have done a lot better than 5-0, so it's not like we're setting any standards or anything like that. We're just going out there and playing football, doing what we do and hopefully coming out with another win.