P Ryan Allen


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

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(on his debut as a Tennessee Titan)

It was a quick turnaround but I'm blessed to be here and part of this organization. I am just trying to do my part and help this team anyway I can. It felt good. I got a good amount of reps in. It was fun working with Matt (Overton).

(on being familiar with kicker Stephen Gostkowski from playing together in New England)

Steve (Gostkowski) and I have logged several years together. I was pretty fortunate when I got the call last week, and I was pretty excited about maybe potentially being able to suit back up for a few weeks and play with Stephen (Gostkowski). Him and I are pretty close. I was pretty fortunate when I got the call. It's been fun.

(on punting a ball from the end zone)

It's just a little bit tighter and you have got to make sure you are quick on operation time, but protection was good. A punt unit is eleven guys working together, it doesn't matter how far or high you hit it. If your gunners don't do a good job or protection doesn't do a good job, it's a play you'll end up getting nullified. There is definitely some stuff I want to clean up. I definitely know I can do that. It was good to be able to execute some of those when we needed them.