Over 170 Former Players, Coaches Scheduled to Be on Hand for Oilers/Titans Alumni Weekend


NASHVILLE – It's Oilers/Titans Reunion Weekend, and the franchise is preparing to host a large group of former players and coaches at Nissan Stadium on Sunday.

The Titans will wear their Oilers throwback uniforms on a day that will also serve as the culmination for the Alumni Weekend.

The Titans are scheduled to face the Falcons at noon at Nissan Stadium.

Former Oilers quarterback Warren Moon and former Titans punter Brett Kern are scheduled to serve as the Honorary 12th Titans for Sunday's game. Former Oilers returner Billy "White Shoes" Johnson will be the Legend of the Game.

Over 170 former players and coaches are scheduled to attend.

Here's a look at those scheduled to attend (list is subject to change):

Al Witcher, LB (1960)
Robert Brezina, HB (1963)
James Holmes, DE (1966-1972)
Carel Stith, DT (1967-1970)
Kenneth Houston, S (1967-1980)
Willie Alexander, DB (1971-1979)
Ralph Sampson, OL (1972-1978)
Ronald Carroll, OL (1973-1975)
Paul Guidry, LB (1973)
William Thomas, RB (1973)
Collette Bloom (DT Curley Culp's widow) (1974-1980)
Debbie Phillips (Bum's widow) (1974-1980)
Susan Phillips (Bum's daughter)
Robert Brazile, LB (1975-1984)
Michael Reinfeldt, S/former Titans GM (1976-1983)
William Currier, S (1977-1979)
Andrew Dorris, DE (1977-1981)
Arthur Stringer, LB (1977-1981)
Robert Carpenter Jr, RB (1977-1986)
Robert Woods, WR/KR (1978-1980)
John Young, Sr, Oilers Coach (1978-1980)
Michael Renfro, WR (1978-1983)
John Schuhmacher, OG (1978-1986)
Vernon Perry, S (1979-1982)
Adger Armstrong, RB (1980-1982)
Harold Bailey, WR (1980-1983)
Carl Roaches, WR/KR (1980-1985)
Willie Tullis, CB (1981/1985)
Michael Holston, WR (1981-1985)
Steve Bryant, WR (1982-1986)
Stanley Edwards, RB (1982-1986)
Gregory Hill, CB (1983-1984)
Brian Ransom, QB (1983-1985)
Christopher Dressel, TE (1983-1986)
Larry Moriarty, FB (1983-1986)
William Bostic, SS (1983-1988)
Steven Brown, CB (1983-1990)
Eric Mullins, WR (1984-1985)
James Eason, S (1984-1987)
Jamie Williams, TE (1984-1988)
Jeff Donaldson, S (1984-1989)
William Johnson, WR/PR/KR (1984-1990)
Johnny Meads, LB (1984-1993)
Warren Moon, QB (1984-1993)
Audrey McMillian, DB (1985-1987)
Harold Woolfolk, RB (1985-1987)
Willie Drewrey, WR/PR/KR (1985-1989, 1993-1994)
Michael Rozier, RB (1985-1990)
Richard Johnson, DB (1985-1992)
Arthur Smith, DT (1985-1992)
Raymond Childress, DL (1985-1995)
Ernest Givins Jr., WR (1986-1995)
Raymond Wallace, RB (1986-1988)
Douglas Williams, OL (1986-1988)
Jay Pennison, C (1986-1990)
Eric Fairs, LB (1986-1991)
Donald Maggs, OL (1986-1992)
Gerald McNeil, WR/KR (1986-1992)
Charles Banks, Jr, RB (1986)
Matthew Teague DE 1986
Al Smith, LB (1987-1996)
Charles Clinton, CB (1987-1988)
Rayford Cooks, DL (1987-1989)
Robert Banks, DL (1987-1990)
Leonard Harris, WR (1987-1993)
Curtis Duncan, WR (1987-1994)
Haywood Jeffries, WR (1987-1995)
Sean Jones, DE (1988-1993)
Cris Dishman, DB (1988-1996)
David Williams, OT (1989-1995)
Douglas Dawson, OG (1990-1995)
Lamar Lathon, LB/DE (1990-1995)
Derward "Dee" Thomas, DB (1990)
Patrick Coleman, WR/PR/KR (1991-1994)
Roger Jones, DB (1991-1997)
Al Del Greco, K (1991-2000)
Webster Slaughter, WR (1992-1994)
Blaine Bishop, DB (1993-2001)
Brad Hopkins, OL (1993-2005)
Tomur Barnes, CB (1994-1997)
Roderick Lewis, TE (1994-1997)
Eugene Robinson, DB (1996-1997)
Jeff Fisher, Oilers DC, Oilers/Titans Head Coach (1994, 1995-2010)
Mike Archie, RB (1996-2000)
Eddie George, RB (1996-2003)
Dennis Stallings, LB (1997-1999)
Scott Sanderson, OT (1997-2000)
Kevin Long, C (1998-2001)
Kevin Dyson, WR (1998-2002)
Jason Mathews, OL (1998-2004)
Donald Mitchell, CB (1999-2002)
Neil O'Donnell, QB (1999-2003)
Zach Piller, OG (1999-2006)
Jevon Kearse, DE (1999-2003, 2008-2009)
Keith Bulluck, LB (2000-2009)
Rafael Cooper, RB (2001-2002)
Andre Dyson, CB (2001-2004)
Matt Martin, T (2002-2004)
Lance Schulters, S (2002-2004)
Justin Hartwig, C (2002-2005)
Rien Long, DT (2003-2005, 2007)
Donnie Nickey, S (2003-2010)
Kenny Amato, LS/LB (2003-2011)
Rober Freeman, CB/KR (2003)
Troy Fleming, FB (2004-2006)
Bo Schobel, DE (2004-2006)
Rob Reynolds, LB (2004-2007)
Casey Cramer, FB/TE (2004-2009)
Eugene Amano, OL (2004-2012)
Antoine Harris, DB (2005-2007)
Reynaldo Hill, CB (2005-2008)
Bo Scaife, TE (2005-2010)
Michael Roos, LT (2005-2014)
Shane Boyd, QB (2005)
Kevin Mawae, C (2006-2009)
LenDale White, RB (2006-2010)
Vince Young, QB (2006-2010)
Chris Hope, S (2006-2011)
Jason Murphy, G/C (2007- 2009)
Marquice Cole, DB (2007-2008)
Jorge Cordova, LB (2007-2009)
Kevin Vickerson, DT (2007-2010)
Leroy Harris Jr., C/G (2007-2012)
Michael Griffin, S (2007-2015)
Lavelle Hawkins, WR (2008-2012)
Craig Stevens, TE (2008-2015)
Alvin Pearman, RB (2009-2010)
Michael Rivera, LB (2009-2010)
Troy Kropog, OL (2009-2012)
Ryan Mouton, CB (2009-2012)
Kenny Britt, WR (2009-2013)
Mike Otto, T (2009-2014)
Nate Washington, WR (2009-2014)
Brett Kern, P (2009-2021)
A.J. Trapasso, P (2009)
Peter Ittersagen, DB (2010-2011)
Herbert Donaldson, RB (2010-2012)
Pannel Egboh, DE (2010-2012)
Robert Johnson, S (2010-2012)
Tim Shaw, LB (2010-2012)
Patrick Bailey, LB (2010-2013)
Alterraun Verner, CB (2010-2013)
Damian Williams, WR (2010-2013)
Derrick Morgan, DE (2010-2018)
Joel Gamble, FB (2010)
Michael Preston, WR (2011- 2014)
James Kirkendoll, WR (2011-2012)
Jurrell Casey, DL (2011-2019)
Cameron Graham, TE (2011)
Brett Ratliff, QB (2011)
Shaun Smith, DL (2011)
Diondre Borel, WR (2012-2013)
Keyunta Dawson, DE (2012-2013)
Coty Sensabaugh, DB (2012-2015)
Martell Webb, TE (2012)
Andy Levitre, OL (2013-2014)
Delanie Walker, TE (2013-2019)
Chase Coffman, TE (2014-2015)
Dexter McCluster, RB/WR/KR/PR (2014-2015)
Justin Staples, LB (2014-2017)
Derek Hagan, WR (2014)
Avery Williamson, LB (2014-2017, 2021)
Joseph Looney, OL (2015)
Tyler Marz, OL (2016-2019)
Joshua Carraway, OLB (2017-2018)
Johnathan Cyprien, S (2017-2018)
Tony Washington III, T (2017-2018)
Darius Jennings, WR/KR (2017-2019)
Austin Pasztor, OL (2018)
Brent Qvale, OL (2021)

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