OLB Harold Landry


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

# # #

(on the defense creating pressure)

I felt like we were playing together, to be honest. I saw everybody flying around making plays. We knew that at the end of the day we just needed to go out there with some swag and play together and have some fun together, and I think that's what we did today. Played confident.

(on forcing turnovers and scoring on defense)

Vrabes (Mike Vrabel) is always preaching about it, the turnover battle every game. That's our job, to go out there and try to force turnovers and give the ball back to the offense and get them rolling.

(on if the defense was stunting to impact the Bears offensive line's communication)

We knew that when teams are moving guys around on the O-line that they are probably going to do some gadget stuff, like boots and spread out and get the quarterback out of the pocket to kind of protect him, so we knew we had to take advantage of the opportunity when it is there.

(on the quick turnaround for the Indianapolis Colts)

It's a quick turnaround. Enjoy it for tonight but we all what know the challenge is ahead. The Colts are a very good team so and we got to make sure we are ready to go on Thursday night.