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OLB Harold Landry III


(on Bills quarterback Josh Allen and what the defense had to do to limit him)

I just feel like the message on our side of the ball was to just be relentless. We know that Josh Allen is a great quarterback and he was going to make plays. At the end of the day, we just needed to be relentless, and I think we were. I think from a technique and fundamental standpoint it wasn't perfect, but we were out there playing relentless, playing together, and we made plays when we needed to make them.

(on the last play at the goal line and if he was surprised Buffalo went for it)

No, I felt like they were going to go for it with it being not that far to go. I thought they were going to go for it. We've got some dogs up front and they knocked him back and made plays.

(on what it is like for the defense to make a game-winning play)

It is awesome. We just have to keep attacking each day, try to get better and better, keep this momentum going and keep believing in each other and everything is going to be all right.

(on what it is like watching running back Derrick Henry from the sidelines)

Derrick (Henry) is a phenomenal player. He has done amazing things so much that it is growing to be the expectation for him. Every time you see him run away from their fast guys and run over their big guys, he still has that wow factor every time you watch him. He is an amazing back.

(on what he saw on the last play of the game)

I saw him get under center, thinking they were going to use his – he is a bigger-bodied quarterback. They are a big QB sneak team on short-yardage situations, so we figured he was going to sneak. The guys inside did a great job of knocking him back and Josh (Allen) didn't have anywhere to go. I was on the edge, but when he got under center, I was anticipating a quarterback sneak, so I tried to tighten down. At the end of the day, the guys inside of me got great knockback and did their thing.

(on what he was feeling after the win)

It is awesome. People don't understand how hard it is each week to win in this league. Every game is a battle. There is so much preparation that goes into it, and to get this win, it is an awesome feeling. Every time you win it is an awesome feeling.

(on the players that stepped up after other players were out because of injuries)

Prayers up to those guys. (Coach) Vrabel always preaches the next man up mentality. I feel like as a team, we do a good job of making sure that everybody is prepared for the game because everybody has that thought in their head that you could play at any moment. Shoutout to those guys that came in and did the job.

(on being able to put pressure on Bills quarterback Josh Allen)

That is just from film study. Josh (Allen) is a great quarterback, a bigger quarterback, he can move. It is just about using fundamentals and technique when bringing him down. We were able to get after him and make plays.

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