OLB Harold Landry

Sunday, Sept 20, 2020

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(on how Jacksonville found success and how much of a relief was for him to make a game-sealing interception)

We have a lot we can learn from this game as a defense. But I feel like one thing about our team is like no matter what's happening in the game, we always play to the end. Vrabes (Mike Vrabel) does a great job of preparing us for all types of situations and Jeff (Jeffrey Simmons) was able to get his hands up which we had been preaching all week, and I was able to come down with it. It's easier to learn from your mistakes when you're winning, so we are 2-0 and that's the most important thing. We've just got to make sure we are learning so it doesn't continue into next week.

(on how frustrating it was that Jacksonville was able to find ways to score)

I mean, it was frustrating. We've got to look at the film. I feel like everyone has a part on this defense. They had success. We've just got to watch the film.

(on quarterback Ryan Tannehill's four touchdown passes)

Big time. Ryan (Tannehill)'s a big-time leader in our locker room. Everybody loves him, I am happy for him. He's a great player. Like I said, I am really happy for him and our offense. We've just got to step it up on defense and play better complementary football and we will get this thing rolling.

(on practicing special teams plays like the Jaguars squib kick)

I am not surprised. (Joshua) Kalu takes what he does very seriously. The staff does a great job of preparing us for all situations throughout the week. So, it's not surprising when the game comes, we execute it in key situations in a game like Kalu did.

(on what went through his mind when he saw ball floating through air prior to his interception)

I mean, I saw the ball and knew I needed to attack it. Obviously, it was floating up there and there were other people going to try and get it. Just attack the ball and I was pretty confident I was going to be able to come down with it. I mean, Jeff (Jeffrey Simmons) did a great job of getting his hands on it and I was able to come down with it.

(on how important it was to find a way to win)

It is always awesome to win. We are 2-0 like you said, and that is the most important thing. It's a lot easier going into the facility following a win and being able to make corrections rather than a loss. Like you said, big time to get a win in the NFL. We were able to do that and start off the season 2-0. We've just got to make the corrections and go on to next week.

(on what it was like to hear the sideline's reaction after his interception)

It was awesome. Everybody was excited. It was awesome. It's going to be awesome to have fans, but you know, it is also awesome to see the excitement from your boys on the sideline and on the defense and everything. I think that's pretty cool.

(on what it was like to play against Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew)

I think he is a baller. I think he knows what he does well. He doesn't try to be someone he is not and he goes out there and executes. I thought he did a great job for the Jags in that game. My hats off to them, I thought they played really well. But like I said, feel like we prepare hard for these situations and no matter what the situation is in-game, you know, if the game is close in the fourth quarter one of the key things is we try to finish. I feel like we did that and it's just a great feeling to be 2-0.

(on what it feels like to play that number of snaps played in Week Two)

I feel like being a pro you have got to be able to perform whenever coaches put you out there. I feel like that first game in Denver, playing in that atmosphere kind of helped us out for the rest of the season. I feel like I felt better this week than I did last week. It is what it is and you have to do your best to perform.

(on what has to be done moving forward)

We've just got to watch the tape and make the corrections. It's not rocket science. I feel like everybody has their job to do. We've just got the make the corrections and make sure we learn from it, and learn from our mistakes and stay on top of them and improve. It's all about improvement. You know, the best teams in the league improve each week.

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